Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lighting the World

I just want to share with you all a portrait I made on this cool site You Are Your Words
The site helps you turn your photo into a work of art using words.  

For this portrait, I decided to use something I wrote a while back which tells about how I light the world as a teacher.

It is entitled, Lighting the World.

You can read it in full below the portrait.

Come, take a closer look at my words.

Lighting the World

I am a Teacher.  I teach, I listen, I motivate. I heal, I build, I transform.  I love. Most of all, I create sparks. My heart is a torch that forever burns. It burns with a passion to change a world that has grown cold with arrogance and pride, with selfishness and greed, with the hunger to be, to rule and to conquer.

Every year, I set out to share my flame, to create sparks in the hearts of young souls.  Strong winds do try to put out the flame in the torch I keep but the thought of the souls who count on me shields the flame from burning out.

New sparks are created every year. The sparks will not be equal in strength or brightness.  Some of them may die out in case of a storm, but hopefully, a lot of them will survive storms and hurricanes.  They shall not yield.  Instead, the storms will make them even bigger, stronger and brighter.  They will live to be great fires themselves.  They will turn the cold world warm with their light and turn the night into day.

They are my hope....little sparks in the darkness, lighting my way as I light theirs. They will live on and share their flame with others, creating sparks here and there, until the world is ablaze with light and humanity is warm with love.

I hope you like what I have written, and my portrait.  

Thanks to Maria Isabel who introduced me to You Are Your Words.

Nutrition Month Culminating Activity

I may have found a milk substitute where calcium is concerned.

Moringga or malunggay has about four times the calcium in milk. I found that out today while I was trying to look for info about moringga. Okay....I think I have to find out just how much moringga has four times the calcium in milk.  Note to self:  Do more research on moringga.

Anyway, here's what I know.  It's good for breast-feeding women.  I actually ate a lot of it after I gave birth.   It's rich in iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, copper, calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorous, etc. etc.  Wow!  Good thing I like moringga.  

So should I say, "Goodbye milk tea, hello more moringga"?  Hmmm...I wonder what moringga shake tastes like. Or maybe, I should look for moringga tea and THEN add milk. That's even more nutritious!

So why am I talking about nutrition all of a sudden?   The kids at school inspired me to think of vegetables...weird huh?

Nutrition Month is celebrated throughout the country every July.  This month's theme is "Pagkain ng Gulay, Ugaliin, Araw-Araw Itong Ihain"   (Make It a Habit to Eat Vegetables; Serve It Every Day)

The nationwide campaign is done with the help of public and private schools across the country.

To make it meaningful for the kids, we had several activities, including cooking demonstrations which were done by parents, poem writing contest (which I judged), essay writing contest, parade of vegetables, best vegetable costume which included a question and answer portion, etc.

Today, the kids paraded around the campus in their vegetable costumes.   

Then they shared useful information about their chosen vegetables.


The most popular vegetables were carrots, corn and squash.  

There were only two kids dressed like moringga. :(

And I didn't know that broccoli had cancer-fighting properties.  I have to eat more of this! If only it wasn't that expensive!  The more I read about broccoli, the more I want to eat it!

That's me, the official photographer !

Oh...and I wanted to show you what the Science teachers gave me as a token for judging the Poem Writing Contest.

I love the gift!  So cute!  I already have three ports in my laptop though.  I don't see why I'll be needing that many.  Still, the gift made my day!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Monday v. 4

a link-up with Megan
Megan hasn't posted anything for a couple of weeks now.  Nevertheless, I'll continue the weekly habit, hoping Megan wouldn't mind.  I wonder where she is though. I hope she is well and doing okay.

Dear Monday, you are so nice to me today.  My son and I get to enjoy some relaxing time at home because classes were suspended.   I am glad that we get to have a longer weekend but I am also worried for those who are badly affected by the bad weather.

Dear tiny stud, I wonder where you are.  I've just noticed that you're not in your place and you're nowhere to be found.  When did I lose you?  I didn't notice you were gone when I wore my ring yesterday. I need to get another one just like you.  For now, I'm still going to wear my ring, even without you.

Dear milk tea, I realize that I need to forget you.  The other milk tea shops that I thought used milk in their milk tea do not use milk!  They use non-dairy creamer for milk tea.  The one where I went to today use milk only for two products, the grass jelly something and wintermelon latte.  I know because I asked.  I have been to four different milk tea shops this week and two of them have big names.  All  of them use creamer.   That means, I need to find another source of milk nutrients.  I do not want to drink creamer.  It's bad for me!  Maybe I really should drink milk in its pure form, no matter how much I hate it!  Oh well...

Dear Carley over at http://suburbansweets.blogspot.com, thank you so much for your Pen Friend Project!  I have written my first letter but I haven't sent it yet due to the bad weather we're having.  I hope Taylor is patient.  Hopefully, I'll be able to send the letter this week.

Dear work, I hope I get to do much of you this week.  I really need to stay focused and to manage my time. I have so much of you I have to do, so many other things I want to do and so little time to do everything!

Dear wedding florist, this is pretty much how I want my bouquet to look, as if I just picked the flowers myself.  I don't want my flowers to be bunched up tightly together.  I don't want my bouquet to be a big round thing that's even bigger than my waist.  I hope you can create something like this for me...only with different colors.

I took this photo of my computer screen on the day I got engaged.  The pic displayed is from stylemepretty.com

Dear God, I hope and pray that you add more years to the lives of my parents. Please help them manage their health.  Thank you very much for all your blessings and for always keeping me and my loved ones safe.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Wishes

 It's only a few more weeks before my birthday.

For some reason, I do not think I'll get to open anything this year.  

Still, there are some things I wish to receive.

2. Cirruti 1881 

(I love this scent!)

3. Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream
I've used this for 13 years 

4. flowers

5.  a cute coin purse

6.  make-up

That's my wish list.  Pretty simple.


Here is a list of what I'm really praying for this year.

1.  good health for me and for all my loved ones
2. my safety and of all my loved ones
3.  good grades for my son and my students
4. happiness for my son
5.  Ruel's happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of his life
6.  a happy, problem-free and well-attended wedding
7.  more followers for this blog
8. a new house

I really don't care if I don't get  any of the things in my wish list.  


I'm going to pray hard for all the things in my second list,
and trust
in God's goodness and generosity.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liebster Award and Woven Bag....Finally!

I hope you all have time to read this post till the last line.  This is going to be quite long.  

Here's why.

I have just been given the Liebster Award! Weeeee!  And I have Kimberly over at Kimberley's Quests to thank for this honor.  A big hug and thank you to Kim! I hope you pay her a visit.

This award is given to promising new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  As usual I have to follow a few rules.

I have to:

1. post eleven things about myself;
2.  answer the questions the tagger set for me;
3. choose eleven upcoming bloggers and link them in my post;
4. make eleven new questions for them to answerl
4. go to their blog and let them know I've nominated them;

As for the eleven things about myself... I have made so many lists like this and it's getting harder and harder each time. Here goes...

1. I have cervical spondilosis.  It was triggered when I gave my son a piggy back ride when he was six.   I guess I should make a separate post about that someday.  

2.  I am crazy about frozen yoghurt.

3. When I was young, I used to get mails from all over the world and I liked smelling them.

4. I used to have  a crush on Li Shang, the love interest of Mulan.  Yes, the one in the Disney movie....the cartoon guy.   I thought he was so masculine!  hahaha!

5. When I was in the fourth grade I got addicted to watching beauty pageants. I used to imitate the contestants, wear a blanket for a gown, walk around the room,  wave my hands and smile.

6. I love MacGyver.

7.  I used to sell "coloring books" I made to my younger sister.

8. My grandfather and I used to perform magic tricks in front of guests.

9. I consider myself an environmentalist.

10.  I was schooled in an exclusive school for girls from elementary to college.

11.   I am afraid of stairs.

Whew! That was really hard!  

It's now time to answer Kim's questions.

1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

If I were to read only one book it should be something light.
Sophie Kinsella made me laugh so hard with The Undomestic Goddess  and Can You Tell a Secret so I guess it's either one of the two.

 2. What is your favourite color?

If it's something to wear,  white or a dark shade of pink.  Otherwise, I like baby blue, baby pink and carnation green.

3.  Spring or Fall? 

We don't have spring and fall here but I'd choose spring.  It's so pretty and full of life.

4. Share your best birthday memory.

All my past birthdays were special but here's one of the extra special birthdays I had.

After Ruel treated me to a birthday dinner, we went back to his car and he brought out a cake complete with candles, he lit them and sang "Happy Birthday" . 

5. Would you rather bake cookies or cook steak?

I'd rather bake cookies because I love the smell of baked goodies.

6. What was the name of your first pet?

I had a bunny I got from an Easter egg hunt and my sister and I named it Bunny One.  Weird, huh?

7. What is your favourite board game?

I don't have any.

8. What movie do you most relate to?

Never Been Kissed, only because Drew's character was as romantic as I am.

9. On vacation do you go camping or stay in a hotel?

I absolutely love nature but I don't think I'd be comfortable camping in the woods.  I'd rather stay in a hotel.  

10. What is your favorite burger topping? 

coleslaw, bacon, mushrooms

11. One word to describe your day.


Glad that's over.  Now, let me nominate eleven deserving bloggers.

Here are my questions for you, ladies.

1. What color would describe you best and why?
2. What is your favorite scent of perfume or cologne?
3. If your life was a novel what would its title be?
4. Which TV series/book/movie character are you most like? In what way?
5. Who would you go out with, Superman or Batman?
(Sorry, I just can't resist asking that question)
6. What do you do to relieve stress?
7. What was the most romantic thing ever said to you?
8. What was the best surprise you ever had?
9. When did you start wearing make-up?
10. Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?
11. What place is most memorable to you?

I hope you ladies will have fun answering these questions.  I certainly had a lot of fun making them.   There was even a point I got excited about answering them and then I realized, they weren't for me!

Okay, so enough about the award.  Now it's time for me to show you the bag you have all been waiting for....


So, that's my woven bag!  I hope you all like how it turned out.

Remember this?

And that ends this long post.  Thank you to all who read it, specially those who are still reading at this point!

Thanks again to Kim for the nomination!  I feel really flattered that people are noticing my blog!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Frosting

I mentioned yesterday that I would bake cupcakes today and I did! Yey!

I planned on making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting but I ended up with a pink frosting.

I was melting the chocolate for my frosting when I got caught up with the laughter of my brother-in-law's nanny. She was such a jolly character who laughed at every little thing.  Instead of stirring my chocolate, I stood there staring and smiling at her...until I smelled the choco burning!

I realized I could no longer use the melted chocolate!  I was soooo sad because I was totally craving for it!   I still had choco I could melt but I didn't have cream anymore.  Note to self: don't be absent-minded!

So, anyway, it was a good thing, there was leftover pink frosting. And that's what I used for my cupcakes. 

Isn't it pretty?

I will post the recipe later.  

I made twenty-four cupcakes today. I've eaten three already!

It's been a yummy Sunday!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dreaming, Craving, Planning

It's a rainy Saturday today.  The kids at school were supposed to have their sportsfest and I was supposed to attend another weaving class afterwards but because of the downpour and the flooded streets, we had to reschedule everything.....including my weaving.

This is turning out to be an uneventful Saturday for me and I am left obsessing, craving and planning.

Ruel and I recently saw a townhouse in a perfect location.  It was near three malls. The first mall was just two blocks away! The second mall it was near to was just a train station away.   It was near a hospital and just one train station away from my school and my son's.  

It had five bedrooms, a family room, five toilet and baths,  a maid's room and a driver's room.  

I really can't forget it.  I  keep on imagining making one of the rooms into my own workplace --where I can make my scrapbooks, and other crafts in peace.  I wish I had taken a picture of it, though I am not sure if the lady who toured us inside the house would have allowed it.

I'm already planning parties!  If we had that house, I'd probably invite my friends over for dinner or lunch every week!

Ruel and I are actually obsessing over the house.  We were texting about it this morning.  Big problem:   It costs 14,500,000.00 pesos!

It's really so hard to be obsessing over something that seems unattainable.
Oh well, we can dream, right? 

I haven't had milk tea for four days in a row and I am totally dying for some.  I was recently introduced to  wintermelon milk tea and that's the flavor my taste buds are craving for now. 

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm planning to bake some chocolate cupcakes with caramel inside!  I bet tomorrow will be a lovely day!  I just have to watch my diet!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Phone Charms

Using some wire, butterfly charms and swarovski crystals, I recently made these cellphone charms for two sweet girls I owe a thank you to.

To all craft lovers out there, happy crafting!

Me, Myself and I

I've joined another link-up! 

So excited to answer their questions:

Biggest Phobia:


If I could relive any day of my life it would be

the day my son, my sister and I went to Disneyland.  We weren't able to watch the fireworks.  This time, I'd make sure we would.

If I could choose to stay a certain age forever, 

At first, I had the impulse to say 20 but at that age, I didn't have my son yet.  So, I'd choose 35.  This way, I'd already have my son and Ruel's also already in my life.  Besides, when I was 35, I looked 26, so it really doesn't matter.  I'd still look young. 

The celebrity I am mistaken for is....

well, I'm not actually mistaken for her but I've had more than three people telling me that I looked like Lea Salonga.   She was the first Kim of the musical Miss Saigon, played Eponine in Les Miserables and was the singing voice behind Disney's Princess Jasmine and Mulan.

I hope Lea's fans wouldn't hunt me down because of this post.

I don't think I look like her at all but I don't mind having people say I do.  Besides, she was the first crush of the man I'm engaged to!
Lea's pic from 

I just wish I had her voice! That would have been the greatest compliment!

My Life's Soundtrack

I Dreamed a Dream

On My Own

When God Made You

God Bless the Broken Road

All that answered, I now invite you to head on to Breanna's at http://mybeautifulcrazylifex33.blogspot.com

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 3

Again, this is a link-up with Sar.


I have been sad and quite mad for two days now about the news that a mountain in my hometown of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, had been leveled by a certain mining company.  It happened without the knowledge of the mayor and when he sent people to stop what was happening, they were met by heavily armed men.

The mayor complained to the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources but it was not prevented.  What was worse was that the mayor is now being sued by the mining company for abuse of authority and oppression.

In one newspaper, the company said that there was no mountain in the site. What a big lie!  Everyone who lives there knows that there was a mountain in that area.  It just makes me so mad!

In His wisdom, God placed the mountain in that area. It used to serve as a natural barrier.
If it wasn't  needed there, God would not have placed it there. I am just so worried now that it's gone, specially now that global warming is causing stronger typhoons.
How is the town going to protect itself now?

Our town was actually badly damaged by the typhoon Cosme, compared to other nearby towns.  People there all think that it was because of the leveling of that particular mountain.  

I just pray that the disasters I am so scared of will not happen.

Ruel and I finally applied for our marriage license today.  We were required to undergo a three-hour seminar on health and family planning.   We attended it together with six or seven other couples.  It was interesting but a little scandalous in a way.  

I have successfully fought the temptation to drink milk tea today.  It's been my obsession for at least a year now and I usually give in to my craving.   I am so proud of myself today, for not giving in!

I have decided to make it a point to buy more Philippine-made products and to avoid buying China-made stuff, if that is even possible.  Everything nowadays is China-made. We should start empowering ourselves by patronizing our own.

Oh well...so this is me this Thursday -- a little serious and reflective, but still thirsty and in love!

Now it's time to go to Sar and read her thoughts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Award

Let me begin this post with a huge thank you to Littleyana of Thinking Outloud for giving me my second award, the Fabulous Blog Award.  This blog is still in its infancy stage and  I haven't really thought of it as anything deserving of any award, but as faith would have it, I received two awards in just one week!

I'm going to do a little dance now. Haha! This is the second time this day!

Back to the award....I have to answer some questions:

1.Name five fabulous moments in your life.

I'm lucky to have had many fabulous moments in my life but because of some restrictions and considerations I will choose to divulge some over the others.

my first day as an employee in a multinational company

When I was a teenager, I had planned on working in Makati.  Somehow that place held some prestige for me due to its being the business capital of the Philippines.  So, when I finally got a job there (and in one of the multinational companies too! ) I felt so grown-up, was totally elated and so proud of myself!  It felt like I was in a movie.

when  I found out I passed my law school entrance exam

I'm not a lawyer....yet.  I plan to be, in the future.  I passed the exam in 2006, but for some reason, I chose to study education, instead.
Anyway, I was really impressed with myself because the exam was hard and it was not a multiple choice exam at all!  I was given cases with corresponding backgrounds and I had to defend each.  I didn't think I'd pass but I did.

 during my students' performance of "You'll Never Fully Dressed without a Smile"

It was a scene from Annie which I directed and choreographed. I was so happy and proud while they were performing.  To put icing on the cake, they won first place.

I was proud of them and of course, so proud of myself!  The response of the audience told me it was a fabulous performance and I was just happy that  all my hard work (and the students') had paid off.

whenever I am on stage

This is the only performance I have here in my laptop.  You can hear the cheers of our students as they watched us, their teachers dance on the stage.

The video is not mine. It was taken by a parent, uploaded on youtube and downloaded by moi!

my first Tagaytay date with Ruel

I do not have a picture to tell that story but that was truly an unforgettable day for me.  I felt so attractive and so special!

2. Name five things you love.

    I have made a post of things I loved so I will try not to repeat any of the ones I have already mentioned. Let's see....

taken during last year's field trip

I absolutely adore birds!  I love listening to them sing. I can spend so many minutes just staring at their wonderful colors and the different patterns on their feathers.

One time I was staring at them, I realized how great God is for creating such beautiful creatures with such pretty colors!

No man-made color can compare with the colors of nature!  The colors of our crayons and paints are just poor imitations of what God has created.

Anyway, back to the birds...
I used to have a lot of parakeets and African lovebirds. Ruel even gave me a hand-fed African lovebird and he was really tame.  He followed me around the house like a dog would...except that it flew instead of walk.

He would fly and land on my shoulder.
I'd use the computer and he would keep on walking across the keyboard.

He actually thought I was his mate.
He used to feed my fingers like a male bird would his mate.

It's just sad I don't have a scanned photo of him.  

I do have nice photos of my other birds....

one of my  African lovebirds, peachface

my parakeets...aren't they sweet?

This is my dog, Chelsea.  The pic was taken last Christmas Eve.

I love pictures because they tell stories. 

I love wrapping gifts and giving them!
I love receiving and opening them!

3. Name five things you hate.

   I have also done a post on things I hate. This is getting difficult!

environmental destruction
sore throats
curse words

Now, it's time for me to pass on the award to deserving bloggers!


To the awardees, do not forget to:

1. thank the blogger who gave you the award;
2. name five fabulous moments of your life;
3. name five things you love;
4. name five things you hate.
5. pass the award to five deserving bloggers.

Congratulations to everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Counting Blessings

I was recently reminded that I have been given so much. Indeed, there are so many things I have to be thankful for. Bear with me as I count my blessings.

Warning: long post with a lot of self-affirmations ahead.

my parents
I was blessed with loving parents who never gave up on me.  They provided for all my needs and tried hard to provide my wants.  They never abandoned me even during times I was unlovable.

my grandparents
My grandparents were sweet and loving and totally adored me! Because of them I grew up believing I was beautiful!

My grandparents together with my mom, my aunt and my uncle.

My beautiful grandmother

my sister
I have been rather sad lately because my sister and I are not as close as we used to be. However, I'm still happy God gave me my sister.  God knew I needed someone to play with, to laugh with,  to sing with, to share my secrets with, so He gave her to me.   Though I used to pull her hair when I was four and she was two and she used to bite me, we still grew up as close as two sisters could get.

That's my sister wearing the blue slipper.

Just before we left for school. I was 13 and she was 11.
My sister in plaid.

She's the one in pink.

my son
My son was born strong, healthy and smiling.  He smiled at his doctor and showed a dimple on one cheek.  When the doctor brought him out of the delivery room to show him to my family, he smiled at my dad and showed two dimples, one on each cheek!

He was a happy baby, full of life, sweet and affectionate.  He entertained us and even crowds of strangers with his songs and dance.  He learned his ABC's when he was one and a half.  He could sing Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin from start to finish when he was two and he could hit all the right notes too! He learned to read sentences when he was three.  He wrote his first story when he was five. He made his first comic book when he was six.  He plays the violin excellently.  He can play a musical piece just by listening to it.  He now plays in church.  

After a music festival

Please find time to listen to my son play.  I want to share his music to the world.  You won't regret clicking the play button.
 This was taken a year and a half ago.

My is also good in drawing.

The Blessed Virgin, done when he was eight.

He is really Godsend.  He has waited for me for so long and never gave up on me.  He is the most loving man I have ever met, aside from my dad and my grandpa.  He always thinks of my welfare, as well as my son's.  He thinks of my parents' welfare as well.  He is sweet and thoughtful and very principled.  He makes me very happy and I cannot wait to be his wife.
I don't think I can find a better man.  He is my superman!

I have been blessed with friends who are out of the country but I know for certain that they will always be there for me when I need them.  
Tina, Renan, Jen O, Maike, thank you!

I have been blessed with friends in school, in and outside our department, you know who you are.
Thank you.

My Sunlife friends, Myla and Lalaine...they know me inside out and love me just the same!

My fellow Brigadoonians who have made me feel so young the past months, thank you.

Jen T.

Jen was my college best friend. We did everything together, giggled and laughed about everything.   We shared a passion for writing to our penfriends all across the globe. Our biggest problem was how to talk to boys!  

We do not see each other as often as we used to but whenever we do, it's like nothing has changed. She is still the same old Jen I know who listens to me ramble on and on and who loves watching people.
Jen is the one in blue. This was taken when we were both 18.

Ate Lyn
She is a cousin I wasn't close to growing up but who is now like a sister to me.

Ate Bing
my cousin and my playmate

He was my first, the father of my son. I would have had a different son if it had not been for him. In our years together there were good moments and those were blessings.  There were also bad moments and I still consider them blessings....in disguise.  

Mrs. Cellona
My grade four teacher who took notice of a shy girl.

Mr. Antonio
My Philosophy of Man teacher who believed in me and gave me the confidence I needed. He was also the one who taught me to appreciate the fundamental goodness of man and planted in me a certain hunger to become fully and truly human.

This has gotten way so long but I am still counting my blessings and I thank those who are still reading at this point.

Now let's go to me....

I have a quick, analytical mind.

I can write poems and stories.

I can write to inspire and to convince.

I can also make people laugh.

I enjoy dancing and God gave me the ability to dance.  I'm not saying I'm excellent at it, but people say I am graceful  so I guess that's good enough for me.

I can act.

I have been given plenty of opportunities to do the things I love to do.

I'm short and I cannot join beauty pageants but...

God allowed me to join one...and I earned a place too!

I'm not a good singer but....

I sang plenty of times in a choir and in front of an audience.

I wanted to be a movie actress but I did not become one.

However, God gave me the chance to act in a play.

Somehow I always get what  I want when I put my mind to it.

My students always win in contests whenever I help them.

My face is not the kind of face that stops people and makes them turn around but....

some people actually think I'm pretty.

AND my face really looks good in pictures.

I never needed a dentist to put braces on my teeth but people have always complimented me on my teeth.

I love Zambales mangoes and God gave us a small mango farm.

I almost died of dengue hemorrhageic fever when I was 18...
I told God, it was ok to take me but then I was so sad because I had never fallen in love yet.

And God allowed me to live.
And allowed me to fall in love, again and again...and again.

I asked God to send me someone, someone I can love and who will love me and my son.
He gave me Ruel.
We are getting married in December.

I am short and small in frame.
But I have learned to accept it, am confident despite of it and consider it as a blessing in disguise.
It actually allows me to move thru crowds quickly.

I prayed for a Church annulment of my marriage and it was granted.

I have everything I need.

I have been blessed with a Catholic faith.

I have a good foundation of my faith.

God protects me and my loved ones always. He keeps us away from harm and sickness.

I have so many other blessings that I probably have not mentioned here.

I have always wanted to have a lovely voice....
But God did not give it to me.
Probably, He was thinking I already had enough.

I am loved and valued by people who matter.

So thank you, God, for everything. Please continue to bless me and my loved ones always.

I have certainly been blessed with so much.

I am blessed with this blog and with people who read it.

I hope they  will also start counting their blessings.