Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabulous Blogger Award

Let me begin this post with a huge thank you to Littleyana of Thinking Outloud for giving me my second award, the Fabulous Blog Award.  This blog is still in its infancy stage and  I haven't really thought of it as anything deserving of any award, but as faith would have it, I received two awards in just one week!

I'm going to do a little dance now. Haha! This is the second time this day!

Back to the award....I have to answer some questions:

1.Name five fabulous moments in your life.

I'm lucky to have had many fabulous moments in my life but because of some restrictions and considerations I will choose to divulge some over the others.

my first day as an employee in a multinational company

When I was a teenager, I had planned on working in Makati.  Somehow that place held some prestige for me due to its being the business capital of the Philippines.  So, when I finally got a job there (and in one of the multinational companies too! ) I felt so grown-up, was totally elated and so proud of myself!  It felt like I was in a movie.

when  I found out I passed my law school entrance exam

I'm not a lawyer....yet.  I plan to be, in the future.  I passed the exam in 2006, but for some reason, I chose to study education, instead.
Anyway, I was really impressed with myself because the exam was hard and it was not a multiple choice exam at all!  I was given cases with corresponding backgrounds and I had to defend each.  I didn't think I'd pass but I did.

 during my students' performance of "You'll Never Fully Dressed without a Smile"

It was a scene from Annie which I directed and choreographed. I was so happy and proud while they were performing.  To put icing on the cake, they won first place.

I was proud of them and of course, so proud of myself!  The response of the audience told me it was a fabulous performance and I was just happy that  all my hard work (and the students') had paid off.

whenever I am on stage

This is the only performance I have here in my laptop.  You can hear the cheers of our students as they watched us, their teachers dance on the stage.

The video is not mine. It was taken by a parent, uploaded on youtube and downloaded by moi!

my first Tagaytay date with Ruel

I do not have a picture to tell that story but that was truly an unforgettable day for me.  I felt so attractive and so special!

2. Name five things you love.

    I have made a post of things I loved so I will try not to repeat any of the ones I have already mentioned. Let's see....

taken during last year's field trip

I absolutely adore birds!  I love listening to them sing. I can spend so many minutes just staring at their wonderful colors and the different patterns on their feathers.

One time I was staring at them, I realized how great God is for creating such beautiful creatures with such pretty colors!

No man-made color can compare with the colors of nature!  The colors of our crayons and paints are just poor imitations of what God has created.

Anyway, back to the birds...
I used to have a lot of parakeets and African lovebirds. Ruel even gave me a hand-fed African lovebird and he was really tame.  He followed me around the house like a dog would...except that it flew instead of walk.

He would fly and land on my shoulder.
I'd use the computer and he would keep on walking across the keyboard.

He actually thought I was his mate.
He used to feed my fingers like a male bird would his mate.

It's just sad I don't have a scanned photo of him.  

I do have nice photos of my other birds....

one of my  African lovebirds, peachface

my parakeets...aren't they sweet?

This is my dog, Chelsea.  The pic was taken last Christmas Eve.

I love pictures because they tell stories. 

I love wrapping gifts and giving them!
I love receiving and opening them!

3. Name five things you hate.

   I have also done a post on things I hate. This is getting difficult!

environmental destruction
sore throats
curse words

Now, it's time for me to pass on the award to deserving bloggers!

To the awardees, do not forget to:

1. thank the blogger who gave you the award;
2. name five fabulous moments of your life;
3. name five things you love;
4. name five things you hate.
5. pass the award to five deserving bloggers.

Congratulations to everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for honoring me with an award. You have a lovely blog.


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