Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lighting the World

I just want to share with you all a portrait I made on this cool site You Are Your Words
The site helps you turn your photo into a work of art using words.  

For this portrait, I decided to use something I wrote a while back which tells about how I light the world as a teacher.

It is entitled, Lighting the World.

You can read it in full below the portrait.

Come, take a closer look at my words.

Lighting the World

I am a Teacher.  I teach, I listen, I motivate. I heal, I build, I transform.  I love. Most of all, I create sparks. My heart is a torch that forever burns. It burns with a passion to change a world that has grown cold with arrogance and pride, with selfishness and greed, with the hunger to be, to rule and to conquer.

Every year, I set out to share my flame, to create sparks in the hearts of young souls.  Strong winds do try to put out the flame in the torch I keep but the thought of the souls who count on me shields the flame from burning out.

New sparks are created every year. The sparks will not be equal in strength or brightness.  Some of them may die out in case of a storm, but hopefully, a lot of them will survive storms and hurricanes.  They shall not yield.  Instead, the storms will make them even bigger, stronger and brighter.  They will live to be great fires themselves.  They will turn the cold world warm with their light and turn the night into day.

They are my hope....little sparks in the darkness, lighting my way as I light theirs. They will live on and share their flame with others, creating sparks here and there, until the world is ablaze with light and humanity is warm with love.

I hope you like what I have written, and my portrait.  

Thanks to Maria Isabel who introduced me to You Are Your Words.


  1. This is beautiful! The picture, but also what you've written. Your students are lucky to have you :)

  2. Thanks Kim for always leaving nice words. I really appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am doing this!


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