Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 5

It's Thursday and it's time for my weekly link-up with Sar.


It's been a rainy week and we've had two suspensions of classes.  Many areas were flooded.  I feel really blessed that we live in an area that is not prone to floods.  We have lived in this part of the city for almost all my life and we have never experienced floods, thank God!


I feel for those who have lost their homes, their loved ones, and their personal possessions because of the typhoon.  I pray that God will heal them and comfort them.  May they be able to quickly regain whatever material possessions they have lost.

I am most grateful to Carley for coming up with this Penfriend Project which I was so excited to join.  However, due to the bad weather this week, I haven't been to the post office to mail my letter.  I will hopefully be able to do so tomorrow.  I'm hoping for good weather.


Yay! I am so happy that I finally know how to make a button for my blog!  I followed the instructions over at I'm so grateful to Ellison for making the instructions so easy to follow. I was able to do it!  I'm not satisfied with it though.  It's way too small and the text too. I'll have to make another one.  But here is my first attempt!

The Secret Notebook

The teachers and I are going to have our first Taebo session tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to this. I heard it is so much better at burning calories than aerobics.  Hmmm....I might look better on my wedding day after all!

What are you thinking this Thursday?  Head on over to Sar and link up!


  1. Love the buttpn! Have fun at TaeBo, it's rough but in a good way!

    1. Thanks Sar, TaeBo was fun but soooo exhausting!


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