Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding in three months! Panic Mode!

Oh my goodness!  It's roughly three months and three weeks before my wedding and we still have a lot to prepare!

I haven't even decided on the style of the gown of the girls in our wedding party.  I've been  browsing the net for nice gowns for my girls and for our mothers since yesterday but until now I haven't seen anything that catches my fancy!

To top it all off, we haven't even decided which guys will be in our wedding party.  Of course, the groom is a given and the junior best man is my son but we haven't decided on the guys who will be  acting as secondary sponsors!

We have to go look for someone who will do my hair and make up and a supplier for our invitations this week.

So many things to do, to decide and to look for!  So I think I will have to spend less time here and more time planning my wedding.

Sorry for a very short post but I am now in panic mode!


  1. I know it's easier said than done, but everything will work out and fall into place. Planning a wedding is such a huge thing and stressful in itself. I know you'll figure everything out and it will all be beautiful! :-)

  2. Thanks, Sara. I hope you're right. You have to be. :) It's just so hard because my schedule in school is also starting to get tight!


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