Thursday, June 30, 2016

How I Spent My Summer Break

It's been quite a while since my last post.  There have been some life events that I wanted to write about here in my blog but I was not able to do so because there were tons of stuff I had to take care of.
I had to send our helper home because she was constantly not feeling well.  And with two dogs living with us, blogging at night was just something I didn't have the strength to do anymore.

Vacation is almost over.  Three days from now I will be going back to school. I am not happy at all about that. I'm already contemplating of retiring from teaching.  Let's hope that will happen in the very near future.

What's for certain is that this summer has certainly been wonderful and productive. No, we didn't go anywhere this summer except for the time Hunnybed treated me and Toots to a staycation at a hotel in Alabang for Mother's Day.

I think it was one of the most memorable Mother's Day that I have ever had since I became a mom.

We also celebrated dad's birthday this summer.  I thank God for giving me one of the most hardworking, loving fathers in the world, I thank God for his rich accomplishments and I pray  that God will continue to bless him with good health and many more happy birthdays spent with us and soon, with our future child.

Since our school's opening was a month later than most schools', I got the bring my nephew to school on his first day. We were all there ---full support!

We also celebrated my husband's birthday in June. I bought him an ice cream cake afterwards and put Sofia's name in the dedication part.

I visited my favorite city...Makati. I have always loved Makati and when I was young it was my dream to work there.  It is for that reason that I turned down all job offers without a Makati office address when I graduated from college.  I got my dream. I was a Makati girl for 8 years.  Leaving Makati to work in a school is another (quite long) story.

And of course, if I visited Makati on a weekday, you'd be sure I'd drop by the first company I worked for.  I haven't been with them for a long time, but every time I visit I still feel I belong.  I have always said that most of the people I consider to be my true friends are the ones I met here in this insurance company.
I've always liked then and now photos.  Here's one with me and my friend Lalaine.We have been friends since 1998 and  though we seldom see each other, it's like nothing has changed when we do.

This summer, I also had a chance to meet two other friends, one of them was my best friend in college, Jen.  Too bad we were not able to take a pic, we were too busy catching up to think about taking a selfie!

And aside from all this lunches, dinners, coffee meet-ups, I was able to make a lot of pre-ordered notebooks, sewed some other things like totes, laptop sleeves and made water color projects.  
I love these TN inserts here!  They're ready for shipping but I am absolutely jealous!  I love pink and I just love these patterns.  I am certainly going to make one for myself!
So you see? I really have been productive.  However, I still was not able to make the more pressing projects that I had in my list. Oh well....I really have to look at my schedule and see where I can squeeze them in.

What about you? What kept you busy this summer?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Twentieth Letter to Sofia

Dear Sofie,

I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks.  Mostly because I have been experimenting on some crafts and artworks.  Your mom has been learning how to paint with watercolors.  I'm not really good at it, but I am proud of my work.

I made this card for your Dad.  It was his birthday last week.  I also gave him a bottle of perfume which he didn't particularly like :( and a gift certificate to facial and diamond peel.

And here are some things I've sewn for my growing business.

I started sewing a year ago some two months after you went home to Heaven. I was so devastated back then and even thought I would never smile or hum a tune again.  One day I found something on the net called traveler's notebook and I thought that making it would be a good diversion for me. Sewing my first notebooks and writing letters to you have done so much for me.  I can't say I am completely healed because there is a big hole in my heart that will never heal until I finally have you in my arms.   But at least, the notebooks and the letters I write have helped me cope with my grief.

I have also sewn a laptop sleeve, a tote bag and I'm happy I have found a productive way to spend my spare time. But you know what?  I'd rather have no spare time just as long as I get to spend my time with you and Kuya together.  But that's impossible now, my only wish is for you to ask God to give me another baby girl, a healthy, normal and strong baby girl not to replace you but just to be bring cheer, joy and love to our days here on earth. Can you do that for me little one?

I love you dear Sofie.  And I miss you.

Love always and lots of flying hugs and kisses to Heaven,