Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Power of Writing

I have never been a planner girl.  I have never liked listing to-do's.  I was the type of person who just kept all her to-do's and to-go's in her mind.  And for years I have struggled trying to make sure I remembered everything.  I even used to describe these things I kept in my memory as cobwebs because they were like that -- webs that intersected with one another, keeping my mind from thinking clearly, or from relaxing because everywhere I went, whatever I was doing,  I was always making constant reminders to myself to do this and that.

When Starbucks started coming out with planners, Hunnybed gave me one and every year after that.  I tried using the planners but I would usually stop after a month. I don't know why.

Last year, I got introduced to the traveler's notebook and to bullet journals.  I started watching people on YouTube, planners who talked about their inserts, their systems.  Pretty soon, I was also already making my own fauxdori and my own inserts.  I have also experimented on different systems and layouts and am now just trying to see which ones I like best.

my current weekly layout for this week

I don't know why, but ever since I was the one making my own notebooks and layouts, I have been religiously writing things down.  And I am amazed at how clearer my mind has become since then. I can't believe I did not start writing to-do's earlier in my life.  Writing down my tasks and appointments has lessened my stress level and now, the cobwebs in my mind are gone.  I feel so much lighter.

Now, I have a planner that stays at home and a planner that goes with me wherever I go.  I have also started another journal.  It's called a pray rain journal.  I discovered this kind of journal only last week. It's a tool for manifesting your wishes.  You take any notebook of your choice and in that notebook you are going to write about your wish or dream as if you already have it,  you describe how it feels or how you feel, the way it looks, etc.  You write every day and they say that when you get to the last page, your wish or dream would have come true or you would already be well on your way to making it come true. If you want to know more about it, check out Jeanette's blog.  This is where I first read about it.

I hope this pray rain journal works for me.

What about you?  Do you like journaling/planning?