Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I had twins!

First of all, I would like to thank the four ladies who left a comment on my last post. You were all so sweet and I apologize for not having been able to reply. I tried to reply thrice but somehow my reply was not posted everytime. I tried opening my email so I could reply via email but to my surprise there were no email notifications of blog comments.  I think there is a problem with blogger.

I have been away for almost a month. One would think I would be okay now after what happened with my pregnancy. That's just the exact opposite. It's really weird....what happened to me. On the day I miscarried they found a mass in my ovary and I had to undergo hcg tests and ultrasound monitoring to rule out another pregnancy which was ectopic. Last week the reader saw a yolk sac where the mass was. My doctor said he had to take it out through laparotomy. It would cost around 130k. I wanted to find another doctor in a cheaper hospital. It would be okay for me to spend that amount when I'd be going home with a baby.

I sought out other doctors with the help of a family friend who was also a doctor until I met Dr. Pauline Chan of Cardinal Santos. She said that since my ectopic pregnancy was still small and my hcg low she could just give me a dose of methotrexate as medical management.

Goodness gracious! The medicine gave me three days of bloating andsome serious cramping! I just wanted to stay in bed all day. It hurt a lot to stand, like my abdomen would suddenly burst open. It was like I was recovering from a c-section without the pain reliever.

From 198, my hcg level went down to 156 last Monday. My doctor said it should fall below 100 on Friday. Otherwise, I'd have to have another shot of methotrexate. I hope my hcg level does fall significantly as I don't want to have another shot of methotrexate. I read on the net that this medicine depletes the body of folic acid which is very essential for the normal development of a baby in the womb.  I also read that there was a waiting period before trying to get pregnant again and the more shots you have, the longer you should wait.  This is my problem. Younger women can wait a year but I don't have the luxary of time as I am old and my fertility is decreasing with the passing of the days. I hope and pray that God would restore the health of my body and that He'd grant me the baby girl I desperately desire soon.

So I guess I have to think of another baby name. It seems I had twins and I was only able to give a name to the one in my uterus.  The one in the ovary needs one too.  I have to go and think of one now or maybe let my husband do it since I was already the ine who named Marie Clarisse.

I hope better days are coming...