Friday, July 14, 2017

Random Thoughts on a Friday Evening

I haven't posted in a long while.  I always remember my blog and always think of posting something but I always end up not getting my laptop out of plain laziness and I don't have any excuse for that.

Tonight I decided not to let this laziness get the better of me once again and here I am sharing my random thoughts to the world.

1.The rainy season has started and school will start in a few days but if I had my way I would go on another trip to the beach.  I'm not a beach bum like most people here are but my recent trip to the beach was just so nice and relaxing that I want to go back.

Our short vacation was actually Ruel's birthday celebration.  I love that he enjoyed his birthday this    year. 

We rented a water taxi for 950 pesos.  I enjoyed going around the other islands although I spent most of the time shrieking because of the big waves.

2. I love how my son got along very well with my high school best friend's son whom he met yesterday when we had lunch with my high school friend.  I'm actually hoping that my friend and I would get to rekindle our friendship and that our sons would be friends too.

3. I need a new laptop for school work and a tablet for my business.  However, I only have budget for one of them.  I'm thinking if there is a tablet which would allow me to work on Exel and Word (I'm not tech savvy so don't judge me if you know there is one :)   )  then I'll be more inclined to get a tablet.

4. My son is going to college in a year's time so I really have to work doubly hard.  And I pray that God will keep our family safe and healthy so that we can continue working for our goals and aspirations.  I also pray that He will send me more clients for my business.

What have you been thinking of lately?