Monday, February 9, 2015

People on FB can be so mean.

I recently read and commented to an article which was shared on Facebook. My comment was not malicious at all and I didn't say any negative thing about the president or his administration. I just said that economic growth was useless if there were still a lot of people who were hungry, who cannot afford decent housing, basic healthcare and education. Imagine my disbelief when people started replying to my comment saying I was a lazy person who didn't do anything but complain. Some of them called me names and one even said it was hard for a teacher like me to understand the basics of economics. Everything was enough to cause my blood to go up to my face.

I cannot understand how some people can be so mean, or how they can just judge someone so easily without even meeting the person face to face or without knowing anything about the person except for one innocent comment.

I continue to get notifications on fb and I'm guessing they're still about the comment I made. But I have decided to ignore the notifications for the good of my health and of my baby's.

I have learned my lesson. I will never post comments on articles shared on FB ever again.