Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Twenty-seventh Letter to Sofia

My dear Sofie,

It has been so long since I last wrote you a letter here. I have one in my laptop which I have never been able to post. I have been very lazy to blog although I am never lazy to think of you. Your dad and I think about you every day. We talk about you every day too. We imagine conversations with you with funny made up dialogues. We love thinking about you although I most of the time end up crying afterwards. I still blame myself in a way.

We placed your cremains in a nice resting place at the Immaculate Conceptuon Carhedral and we visit it every week right after (or sometimes) before Mass. I like bringing you my favorite flowers of carnation, stargazer and gerbera. You actually had the prettiest basket of flowers last All Soul's Day.

Your Kuya, dad and I are moving to a new home in a new city. It's probably around 8km away from your reating place. We will still visit every week.

I have to go back to packing now. We move on Saturday morning. I hope that the new home will be good for us.

I love you always, Sofie!

Flying hugs and kisses to heaven,