Friday, July 14, 2017

Random Thoughts on a Friday Evening

I haven't posted in a long while.  I always remember my blog and always think of posting something but I always end up not getting my laptop out of plain laziness and I don't have any excuse for that.

Tonight I decided not to let this laziness get the better of me once again and here I am sharing my random thoughts to the world.

1.The rainy season has started and school will start in a few days but if I had my way I would go on another trip to the beach.  I'm not a beach bum like most people here are but my recent trip to the beach was just so nice and relaxing that I want to go back.

Our short vacation was actually Ruel's birthday celebration.  I love that he enjoyed his birthday this    year. 

We rented a water taxi for 950 pesos.  I enjoyed going around the other islands although I spent most of the time shrieking because of the big waves.

2. I love how my son got along very well with my high school best friend's son whom he met yesterday when we had lunch with my high school friend.  I'm actually hoping that my friend and I would get to rekindle our friendship and that our sons would be friends too.

3. I need a new laptop for school work and a tablet for my business.  However, I only have budget for one of them.  I'm thinking if there is a tablet which would allow me to work on Exel and Word (I'm not tech savvy so don't judge me if you know there is one :)   )  then I'll be more inclined to get a tablet.

4. My son is going to college in a year's time so I really have to work doubly hard.  And I pray that God will keep our family safe and healthy so that we can continue working for our goals and aspirations.  I also pray that He will send me more clients for my business.

What have you been thinking of lately?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to Choose the Right Rosary for You : A guest post

Hello friends!  As I am still unable to post something today, I decided to post something from a friend I met online, Megan Dahle.  She's a fellow Catholic from Harrisburg, South Dakota.

How to Choose the Right Rosary for You

For millions, the rosary is something so much more than a decoration inside the home.
If you’re one of those millions, choosing that special rosary that is just right for you is an extremely important selection to make.

Praying the Rosary

The rosary is a set of prayers designed to venerate the Holy Mother. Use of a set of rosary beads when praying the rosary provides a physical means of keeping count of the prayers as they’re recited. Your fingers move along the string of beads as you recite the prayers. This leaves your mind free to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary.

Rosary beads are physical objects that represent a part of our faith. This makes them highly personal. While all the faithful basically perform the ritual of praying the rosary in the same manner, the special connection the rosary brings to our faith holds specific meaning to each of us individually.

Choosing Your Rosary

Rosary beads are a string of beads formed into a closed circle. Each of us has the choice of purchasing a pre-made rosary for our personal use or creating a customized string of beads that symbolizes our private faith. Whichever you prefer, the rosary you choose is important because picking the rosary that is right for you will increase the likelihood that you will actually use it.
Not only do you need a rosary that is visually appealing to you, it needs to feel good in your hands.

When you find the rosary beads that are just right for you, your rosary becomes a motivator that calls you to prayer instead of a fashion accessory or keychain that gets forgotten in a drawer.

Length of Your Rosary

The length of the string of rosary beads can make a difference. Shorter rosaries are commonly adorned with wooden beads linked together with a cord instead of a metal chain. The beads are usually close together with little free space between. Longer rosaries tend to have the beads spaced out a bit more, with links of metal chain providing the space between them.

A shorter rosary may make it more difficult for your fingers to slide along the string. Without a definite space between the beads, your fingers may accidently skip a bead. This will throw off your count of the prayers you’re reciting. Shorter rosaries are easier to tuck into a pocket or purse when you’ve completed your prayers.

The longer rosaries make it easier to count your prayers with confidence because the spaces make it easier to slide your fingers from bead to bead. The space between the beads lets you count without having to look down at the beads. Longer strings can tangle more easily, however, and will require more space to store when not being used. One way to safely store a long rosary is to keep it in a soft pouch.

The Feel of the Beads

How the beads feel when you touch them makes a difference. They should feel comfortable to your touch so as not to distract you from your meditation and prayers. Beads with a smooth surface will flow through your fingers easily. Faceted beads with a jewelry-like structure are usually more visually appealing but won’t move as smoothly through your hands.

Beads with a multifaceted cut will reflect the light, creating a cascade of sparkly points of colored light that may dance around a room. Rosaries made with each bead resembling a precious stone, or glass birthstone rosaries, make gorgeous strings of prayer beads. While looking great, remember that they will not glide effortlessly through your fingers.

The bottom line comes down to this: Do you want a rosary that is pleasing to your hands, or to your eyes?

Basic Design or Fancy Customization?

If you’re thinking of giving a rosary to a new Catholic, a selection that is rather plain and basic may be your best bet. Super-fancy rosaries may be overwhelming to a budding Catholic or a child. A plain rosary is usually characterized by round beads, generally wood or plastic, strung on a slender cord-like rope. These are usually inexpensive, so you haven’t lost a big investment if a child loses his or her rosary.

Remember that the rosary beads are designed to call to you and to encourage you to pray. You’ll need to ask yourself if the inexpensive, plain rosaries will do this for you. Would a more elaborate or decorative rosary provide you more motivation to pray the rosary? If you know that a visually beautiful, ornate rosary will encourage you to use it more often, then your choice becomes fairly obvious.

Special Devotion Rosary

Special devotion rosaries generally have a centerpiece that is associated with a specific saint or a particular devotion. These rosaries hold a special meaning to those holding them. The beads will usually fall in line with the theme of the centerpiece.

An example would be the Divine Mercy rosary that has a centerpiece of the Divine Mercy image of Jesus. The beads in this rosary will usually have red and white swirls to signify the red and white rays that radiate from Jesus’s heart.

If you have a specific devotion that is important to you, a special devotion rosary may help you to focus on these intentions when you pray the rosary.

Men vs. Women

When you’re choosing a rosary for yourself, or looking to give one as a gift, make certain you choose one that fits the person who will be using it. For a man, don’t pick one that is strung with jewelry-like, fancy decorative beads. A man’s rosary is usually made with larger beads in a dark brown or black color. A man’s bigger hands can manage the larger beads better, and the darker shades of beads project masculinity.

For women, consider the age of the recipient. If you’re choosing one for your mother or another adult female, choose a beautiful color that you know she will love. A classic, timeless rosary with an ornate crucifix as a centerpiece is generally a sure hit. A carefully chosen rosary can become a treasured heirloom that she passes down to the next generation.

Visit Megan at her blog today.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Twenty-fourth Letter to Sofia

Dearest Sofie,

I wasn't able to write to you on your birthday and I am so sorry for that! Although I know that my greetings have reached you in Heaven I still feel bad that I was not able to write you a letter. You see, Mommy sees this blog as some kind of portal through which she can send her letters to Heaven.

The month of April was a very busy month for your mom. You should know that your mom can do a lot of things so most of the time people ask her help for different things. I really wish you got to know me, Sofie. I think you would have been proud of your mom. :)

Anyway, I was planning to be absent on your birthday so that we could celebrate properly. But  I was asked to write and direct a play and the play was shown on your birthday. I could not be absent because there was no one else to do the work I had to do.

We had a simple dinner celebration at Contis'. Your grandparents on my side were there to celebrate with us. For your birthday cake, I ordered chocolate velvet but I had already sliced the cake before I remembered that I had not yet taken a picture of it.

We may not have been able to celebrate  your birthday the way I wanted to but I know you had a blast in Heaven.

Remember that Daddy and I think and talk about you all the time.  We miss you so!

I love you, dear Sofie!

Happy 2nd year in Heaven!

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, April 7, 2017

Twenty-third Letter to Sofia

My darling Sofia,

You'll be turning two in a couple of weeks.  Even though you are in Heaven I am still excited to celebrate your birthday.  I want it to be special just like last year because you are special and I want
people to know that you matter.

Daddy and I always talk about you.  Sometimes he talks about his plans for you as if you were still around to make his plans come true.   Most of the time, he smells my ears and imagines it's your ears he's smelling.  It's weird, I know.  But in a way, it makes him a little happier.

It's been almost two years but until now I do not understand what happened.  I still don't understand why you were taken from us so soon.  I still don't understand why God gave me a gift He never meant for me to open.  And the sad thing is that I don't think I will ever understand.  Daddy mentioned the other day how you sighed in his arms and I realized that I never even felt you breathe.  It makes me so sad that I never even really felt you except for that time I rubbed my cheek against yours  and kissed you.   Knowing that that memory is slowly fading with time makes me even sadder.  I want so much to remember how your skin felt against mine but the remembrance of it is slowly fading away.

Despite the fact that it's getting harder for me to remember how your skin felt like, I want you to always remember that you will never be forgotten.  You will always be remembered.  You will always be loved, my sweet baby girl.  Mommy will always keep you in her heart.

I love you always, Sofie!  Flying hugs and kisses to Heaven...