Saturday, September 29, 2012

2nd Liebster Award --- first of four posts

I got three surprises recently.  I was nominated by three different bloggers for the Liebster Award which I had already received probably around two months ago.

Anyhow, I am going to answer their questions one post at a time.  This is the first of four posts.  I will reveal my nominations on my fourth post. 

Today, it will be Chris's questions that I am going to answer.

1. Why do you blog?

As I have said on my About this Blog page, I used to have a diary.  It even had a name.  I called it, Dyna and pretended it was a she. I kind of miss having her around to absorb everything I'm thinking and feeling. So, I started an online diary. 

Today, Dyna has evolved from a secret notebook to something that I hope people would read.  Dyna couldn't reply to all my questions about life, she couldn't tell me what she thought about the things I was thinking about, she couldn't offer advice.  But now, when I write, I usually get replies. I know that I am not alone in thinking the things I think of, or in feeling the way I feel about things.   When I write, someone responds and that's what has kept me blogging.  

Through this blog, I have met some pretty amazing ladies whose posts I truly enjoy.
The blogging community is so friendly and I find everything here amazing!

Of course, there is a plan to monetize this blog and get monetary reward from it but for now, I do not think it is ready for that yet.  

2. What's the story behind your first ever blog post?

It was just a poem  I wrote when my son was three year old.  We were both praying together and at the end of our prayer, he added, "Thank you God for making the world."  That inspired me to write the poem you see here

3. Where's your dream destination and why?

Paris, France; Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Rome, Venice and Florence in Italy and Hamburg, Germany

4.Where's your favorite place (among the places you've been to)  and why?

In the country, I would say, Tagaytay at a drop of a hat. So, do you still wonder why I'm getting married there?  I love its landscape, its view, its food and the atmosphere of the place.  To top it all off, it's near enough to visit anytime and far enough to be relaxing.

I've been to other countries but nothing stands out...I guess I haven't been to that many places outside the country to really pick a favorite.  

5. What's your favorite color?

I love white, salmon, pink and ....

this shade of green.

This is our main wedding color.  I'm just a little sad because the one making our dress was not able to get exactly this shade for the gowns of my girls. :(

6. What would surely make you smile? 

 Lots, actually....a hug from my son, a sweet gesture from Ruel, cute puppies, our dogs, Chelsea and Chloe, seeing my good friends again, shoes that fit (I hate shopping for shoes because I have tiny feet!),  letter in the mail, a feel-good movie, a nice poem, an excellent book, Zambales mangoes (They're the sweetest, promise!), flowers given just because, surprise gifts (!!!), yummy dessert, comments from my readers, new followers, Saturday without work (!!!), Fridays (if there is no work the next day), etc.

Right now, what would really place a big smile on my face is winning the lottery! Nobody will be able to take that smile off my face then. Plus, I'd jump up and down and do my dance.

Seriously, a beautiful, well-attended wedding on a clear day will put the greatest smile on my face this year, and maybe giving birth to our very own healthy baby girl will put the greatest smile on my face (and on Ruel's) next year.

....wait... I was serious about the lottery too!

7. What would ruin your day?

misunderstanding with Ruel, school problems (student and parent related), 

8. What's your favorite subject in school?

I guess English Literature, English Grammar, Christian Living and Philosophy of Man...oh the question said, "subject", no "s".  I can't pick one though.

9. What's your favorite sport or sports team?

 I don't have a favorite team, no favorite sport.  I guess there's no point in saying, I'm not into sports.

10. Are you right-handed or left-handed?

11. What did you do for your last birthday?

It was nothing extraordinary but if you're interested, you can read about it here.

Chris, I hope you're satisfied with my answers.  Thanks again for the nomination!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 12

It's Thursday once again, time for another round of Thursday Thoughts.

We only have nine Thursdays before the wedding.  I am so excited and a  little nervous but so 
    stressed!  It seems we still have so many things to do and to pay for.  I actually already made my to-do list yesterday even if I am not the type of person who makes to-do lists.  

I'm actually the type who doesn't make them until my head is filled with too much "cobwebs" as I always call them.  You know how thoughts, problems and tasks fill your head sometimes that you don't know which to think of first?

So, if you see me making a list, you'd know that I'm really stressed out.

So back to my list, I just realized that I even failed to list down seven more things:
* Buy secondary veil, cord and candles
*Decorate the candles and the matches. (I'm actually excited about this because I want to do it myself)
*Buy birdseeds.

(Instead of petals and rice, I want my friends to throw birdseeds at us after the ceremony.  Lovebirds actually played an important role in our love story.  This is the reason I want birdseeds instead of petals.  Also, these can be food for the birds once the seeds are on the ground.)

*Make paper cones.
*Buy materials for the cardstock (and cut them into smaller cards), ribbon and crystals for the wish tree.
*Decorate a box to hold the cards.
*Make a pen holder and decorate it.

Tomorrow is Friday and we are scheduled to see three of our principal sponsors.  These three are friends and so they had organized a small get-together for us.  Social gatherings like these always cheer me up. Now that it has something to do with our wedding, it excites me even more.

I'm thinking I have to end it here because I still have to prepare for tomorrow's writing workshop which I will give some of my staffers in the grade school paper.  And I actually wonder how other bloggers, mothers like me can find time to work, spend time with their families, clean the house, cook meals, do the laundry, make crafts, blog, visit and read other blogs, and answer comments on their posts.  I mean, where on earth do they get the time?    

I'm always in a hurry when I write my posts, always in a hurry so I can visit the blogs I follow, always in a hurry to go and discover more blogs....I'm always in a hurry so that I can go back to talking with my son, or reading a novel, or watching movies on DVD, or doing the things I hate doing but still have to do. :(

I want to say thank you to two Pinoy bloggers who just nominated me for the Liebster Award.
Thanks Chris of Pinay Thrillseeker and  Jovell of  A Woman's Story for the award.  I will make a post about it this weekend.

These are my thoughts today.  What are you thinking about?  Head on to Sar's and link up.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding To-Do's

Yikes!  My wedding ticker says it's just two months and a week before our wedding.  I can't believe it! I only do my wedding errands on weekends and I only have seven weekends left before the big day!

I am panicking....there's a lot more to prepare, to spend for!

I am not the kind of person who makes "to do" lists.   Even for this wedding, I did not make a list, nor did I get any checklist for me to use.  But, right now, I think I'd have to list down the things I have yet to accomplish, even if it is just to clear my mind and help me remember.

So, here are the things I have to within two months and 1 week.

Buy bridal shoes.
Buy materials for my garter. (still not sure if I would need one though)
Buy bridal earrings.
Buy material for my veil.
Buy outfits for the men.
Buy a Bible.
Buy two pillows for the rings and the arrhae.
Buy tokens for the principal and secondary sponsors.
Scan photos for the audio visual presentation.
Schedule our engagement shoot.
Hire singers.  ( I wonder if I still need to do this when some of my friends are already singing for us.)
Schedule trial make-up.   Look for another make-up artist if  I don't like the one I know.
Prepare a map for the invitees.
Go to the food tasting scheduled next Saturday.
Submit all documents to the church.
Pay the church balance.
Pay the reception balance.
Make the second and third payment for the flowers.
Make the second payment for the invitations.
Make the third payment for the video/photo.
Gift for the groom....WHAT?  That's the big question...any suggestions?
Make a list of songs for the reception.
Make a seat plan.
Make a CD soundtrack.
Post wedding bans at the parish church.
Go to confession the day before the wedding.
Attend a pre-cana seminar.
Attend an interview with the priest.
Assign people to man the registration table.
Buy bridal pouch.

My goodness!  I didn't realize there were still so many! I hoped to clear my mind but now I am more stressed than ever before!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Weekend, I....v.1

This post is my first link-up with Syndal and Sar. They're hosting a new link-up called This Weekend, I...

1. I went to the Women's Correctional for an outreach activity Saturday morning. I was with the whole grade school faculty and at first we were quite apprehensive about the whole idea.  We didn't know what to expect about the women there and this worried us a lot.

We were in for a surprise because the experience turned out to be so different from what we were so afraid would happen.  We prepared a short program for around fifty inmates who did not get visitors very often.  They all participated actively in the games, although they were of varied ages.  Every teacher was assigned two inmates to interact with and the ones assigned to me did not get any visitor at all because their families lived in another island. Visiting them would require their families to spend which they couldn't afford because they were poor.

I was so sorry for both women, specially for the elder one who last saw her youngest son nine years ago when he was still one year old! Imagine that!  She wasn't able to pay a debt of 76,000 pesos (around 1,500 US dollars)and she got 16 years imprisonment for that.

She seemed resigned to her fate and is just leaving everything to God. She kept preaching to me about God's word and she said that it was only in the facility where she learned how to pray.  I thought that it was a good thing that she found God there but I was also saddened by the fact that most people would only really learn to call on God when they are already in need.  It also reminded me of what my mom always would always tell me, "Pray, pray, not wait for God to tap you."

Anyway, we really had a nice time and I felt guilty about the things that we brought.  I actually wished we had brought more for them.

2.  Ruel picked me up from school after the outreach.  The teachers arrived in school around 12:30. We were all tired but happy from the outreach experience.  Some of them stayed in school to work. I was excited because Ruel and I were going to have our invitations printed.  Yay!  Goodness!  It took us almost two hours just choosing the design, the colors and the fonts!  Still, it was a happy time!

3.  After the trip to the invitation supplier, Ruel and I went to a trade fair exhibit.  It was  a feast for the eyes! If only I had money to burn, I would have bought half of what I saw!

Here are some of the things at the fair.

These are antiques from Mindanao.  I really wanted to buy some antique forks but as I have said, no money to burn!

Nativity Scene for one's garden

Modern Christmas lanterns and some other capiz products

The stones are real, the metal is plated in 24 carat gold....I actually felt a little headache coming up from looking at the jewelries.  They were just too bright!

Ooops! Sorry for my finger there!  These are wallets made of snake skin.

Some cheap vases

There were so many pretty things there which I was not able to take pictures of because I was afraid that because they looked so unique, the sellers would not allow me to take pictures of them.

There were also a lot of food items.  Ruel spent our money on some  and we ate while we went around.  I wanted more!!!!  But things are tight because of the wedding planning.  We're trying to save as much as we can.  I'm actually so lucky we live here because I don't have to pay for my wedding.  Ruel is  spending for 85% of the cost.   I told him, I had limited means and could only pay for some minor things.

Anyway, I ended up buying  some accessories and a wallet made of snake skin.
I'm actually so happy with the wallet!

So that's how I spent my weekend.  How did you spend yours?

I Miss My Good Friends!

It is indeed a sad thing to realize that most of my friends are abroad, or are working or living too far from where I work or live. I realized I need to do something about keeping in touch with those who are still here. They do not realize how much I value them and miss them, specially during my wedding preps.

I just feel so empty without them!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

                This is my first Friday's Letters link-up at Adventures of Newlyweds.

Dear week, you have been exhausting!  All the preparations for the distribution of cards and for the outreach activity tomorrow have left me drained of energy.

Dear Saturday, it seems that you have been keeping us busy this month.  I can't wait for the time you are going to allow me to just be the couch potato I want to be.

Dear sister,  I am so sad that you can't attend my wedding.  The first time that you said you couldn't attend the wedding, I was still hoping that if things turned out fine with your pregnancy you would be able to attend.  But now that we only have two months left before the wedding, you're still saying that you can't attend and I am just soooooo sad.  Maybe I should just accept that you won't be there. Although I totally understand that Tagaytay is just too far from the hospital where you want to give birth in,  I still cannot help but be heartbroken.   It is hard to imagine my wedding without my sister there, specially because I do not have any other sister or sibling for that matter.  I

Dear friends, I hope you read this post.  Can you please get a video message from my sister? Make it look like a surprise for me on my wedding day. :)  That would be awesome and would really make my day.

Dear God, thank you very much for keeping us healthy and safe.  Thank you very much for all your help with our preparations and for helping us with our documents.  I am so happy and thankful that our documents are all complete now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Treasures

I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were worth sharing.

                                           This is sooooooo beautiful!
                                                                                 Source: via Dale on Pinterest

This put a smile on my face....super cute!

I love baby's breath!  I'll have a lot of them in my wedding.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me, Myself and I September Edition

This is my second ME, MYSELF and I link-up and I'm kind of excited about answering some of the questions.

1. When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?

I don't know why crying while watching movies pick me up but it does. So, when I am down I watch feel-good movies....did I just confuse you there? Let me explain myself...feel good movies make me cry.  They give me the good kind of lump in my throat and make me cry in the middle and at the end. 

2. If you had to live in another time period, which would you prefer?

I've always been fascinated with the southern culture during the Gone with the Wind era.  So, I guess, I would pick that time...but then again, I'd have to be an American to live in that kind of culture and wear those dresses, which I am not.  

3. What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?

I have never been to a Halloween party and I have never worn a Halloween costume.  If I ever get a chance to wear one, I'd like it to be a colorful butterfly costume.  

4.  Name five weird things about yourself we'd never know otherwise.

- I smell drinking glasses before using them.
- There are times I take a bath five times a day.
- During the summer months, I take a bath and then leave my hair wet without combing it.
-I'm one of those people who keep changing their cellphone numbers.
- I keep have grown more than just four wisdom teeth!

5. What would you tell your sixteen-year-old self?

If I could talk to my sixteen-year-old self, I would say:

Pursue your dreams of becoming a lawyer.
Don't worry if you don't have a boyfriend now.  Men would be lining up at your doorstep when you are older.
You are beautiful.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Don't let anyone bully you. You are just as good as everyone else.
Don't be in a hurry to be in a relationship. Take your time.  Choose well.  Not all that glitters is gold.
Life does not always turn out the way you want it.  
Work hard. Think before you leap. Be humble but don't let anyone put you down.

That's it for today, ladies.  Link up and join in the fun!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Ugly this Way...

"You think you're perfect."  These are the words that someone has just sent me via sms.  

Hurtful words...because they are not at all true.  I cannot imagine how I can be perceived that way!  

I do NOT think I'm perfect because I'm not.  

I'm actually ugly this way...

1. There are times when I find it hard to focus on what someone  is saying.  Sometimes I listen to someone and so many other things enter my mind, all at the same time.

2. I'm so forgetful.  Ruel hates it when I don't answer his calls but the thing is, every time I put my phone  on silent mode, I forget to put it back to normal.  This makes me ugly in his mind. :(

3. I always have to explain myself.  I never thought that it was bad to explain one's side as long as one    
    does it nicely and politely.  However, it has come to my attention that some people  hate it when I 
    try to explain or to defend myself and my actions.

4. I am lazy at times.  Okay...maybe, I should make that  "I am lazy" period.

5. I have too much hair.

6. Well...I'm one of those people who laugh when a supposedly educated adult makes a bad    
     pronunciation, or makes an obvious mistake in English grammar.

7.  I sometimes get annoyed easily.

8. I have flabs....lots of them.

9. I find it hard to say no to arguments.

10.  I'm too opinionated for my own good.

11. I can be very stubborn.

12.  I like getting attention. (Who doesnt?)

13. I procrastinate too much.

14.  My thighs have grown ugly too!  I used to wear short shorts but now, I can't anymore!

15.  I have seborrheic dermatitis. 

And there are so many other things that make me "ugly". NO, I do not think I'm perfect.  I never had and never will.  

I know I'm not perfect.  Although I  try to do something about my imperfections, I love myself the way I am.  

And I hope that people who love me, or those who say they do,  would still find me beautiful despite my imperfections.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not into Halloween......(ducking)

The celebration of Halloween is a western tradition which is now being embraced by many middle income Filipinos.  Parents who can afford to buy costumes for their children allow them to participate in Halloween activities sponsored by malls and other establishments.  Some restaurants and banks also dress up for the occasion.

It is for this reason that as early as now, department stores are already selling Halloween stuff like these things I saw at the mall today.

I know Halloween parties are fun but I hope my fellow Filipinos will not forget the real Filipino tradition which is remembering the saints in November 1 and remembering the souls in November 2.  We do this by spending the day at the cemetery and praying for our dead relatives and friends. This is the Filipino tradition and may that be the tradition that we leave our children with and teach them to value.

I hope nobody will throw rotten tomatoes at me for saying this, but I'm really not into Halloween.  I really did not feel any excitement when I saw the Halloween costumes and plastic pumpkins at the mall earlier.

What really perked me up was this!

Just seeing their red and green colors gave me a warm, happy feeling inside.

I just love Christmas!  Don't we all?

And this Christmas will be extra special.  My son and I will be in our new home with Ruel.  My parents will have a new son-in-law.  I will have a new set of parents-in-law and a new nephew.   My son will have a second father and  a new cousin.

Isn't that exciting?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 10

It's time for Thursday Thoughts, friends.  Go link up with Sar after you read my thoughts.

What's a mom supposed to do when her teenager is just as stubborn as she is and just as opinionated? My son is giving me headaches.  Please tell me it's going to get better.  It's so hard to raise teenagers!

I saw a project on synonyms somewhere on the net some two months ago.  It's called Synonym Rolls and I tried doing it in my class....I mean, I had my 3rd grade class do it.  They haven't finished the project yet but they're doing great and having fun at the same time.  I'm thrilled that they're excited about this project.

I'll post the best ones when they finish the project.

I think I'm getting to be too forgetful.  What's worse is, Ruel is turning out to be just like me!  We went to McDonald's drive-thru after he picked me up from work this evening and after we paid for our order, we just drove off without taking our order!  Luckily, I remembered (after a few minutes of driving), so I guess my memory is even better than his!  

On our way to McDo this evening, a motorcycle  just skidded down alongside us and fell a few feet away.  Ruel said that the rider skidded and fell for no obvious reason.  I'm a little freaked out because it seems that we keep witnessing motorcycle accidents.  We witnessed two this week and another one last week.  So, in just two weeks, we have witnessed three accidents!  Isn't that too much?  

On to happier things, I finally got the late birthday gift from my sister.  It's something from The Face Shop-- a set of cleanser, toner and moisturizer called Chia Seed.  I can't wait to try it!

These are my thoughts today.  What are you thinking of?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Venting----so stressed out!

I haven't been in the mood to do a lot of writing lately.

I'm beginning to think that I have so many limitations when I write my posts.  So many of the people I personally know have found out about this blog.  I don't even know why some would "google" me.  Of course, we all want to have readers.  We all want people to read our blog.  But then, I kind of wish that only people who didn't know me personally would read it.

It so hard to open up on the internet and some of the things you say might get you in trouble.  Sometimes, I want to speak in codes. But I can't, coz then, nobody would understand me!  Oh well, what to do!!! Like right now, I feel like saying something but I can't!

I feel so helpless and frustrated. And I just want to wring my fingers and pull my hair.  Oh yeah, I'm ugly this way. When I'm mad at a situation and it's so frustrating and there's nothing I can do to change it, it just makes me feel better to go stomp my feet and shout and do crazy things like these!

Maybe I feel this way because of all that has been going on lately.  Stress at work added to the fact that our wedding day is fast approaching!  September is really flying by so fast.  The wedding is on the 2nd of December this year!  There are still too many things to do and accomplish!  And I'm running out of Saturdays to do them!!!  I feel like, "Why do I have to go to school every day of the week and still go to school on Saturdays?" Last Saturday, we had our Family Day for the primary grades.  Next Saturday is the family of the intermediate grades. That's going to be in the morning and then in the afternoon, I have to attend a seminar on reading!  I was hoping we could have our taste test this Saturday and now I have to move it to another day!

We will be having our outreach to a women's correctional facility on the 22nd.  I'm so not in the mood for all of these!  Okay, so I want to help and offer hope and all, but then stresses me so!  I feel like a bad, selfish person already but honestly, it's so stressful!

I have a child I want to spend my weekends with.  But lately, he's always with his dad on Saturdays.  The only day we are both free is Sunday.  But then....I still have to do my lesson plans on Sundays!  And get takes an ordinary teacher like me at least three hours to make one lesson plan!  The format is soooo complicated!  And it's not the only thing I have to do for work!  There's more!

And there's only one of me!  Sometimes, I try to forget the things I have to do and just concentrate on being a good mom to my son, and try to bond with him.  And then...I feel guilty!  I feel guilty for not doing paperworks!  Imagine that! Why do I have to feel guilty when I spend time with my son?

It's just so frustrating! I can't even say d***!  I'm afraid my students would think it's not "teacher-like".  Goodness! It's as if I am trapped inside an invisible wall, with my hands tied with an invisible rope!  I hate this feeling!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 9

I'm linking up again with Sar this rainy Thursday.


I'm a little sad that I'm in a totally different time zone because for the past two Thursdays, I'm always the last to submit my link,  like more than ten hours after everyone else has linked up and read one another's posts.  And that's not because I post late.   I actually post earlier than Sar.  The problem is, I usually post at 9pm  Thursday here, and it would be early morning of Thursday where Sar is.  I can't stay awake long enough to wait for Sar's post and submit my link on her blog.  I only get to submit my link the next day during my break.


So, as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, Ruel and I went to test drive a car last Saturday.  It's a Ford Focus Sedan.  It parks by itself, stops when it needs to stop even if you forget to hit the breaks and plays music at your command.  We can win it if our test drive video gets the most likes! That's Ruel that you see there.  And the laugh that you hear is mine...You can't see me, I'm at the backseat.
As of this moment, we just have 86 "likes".  I hope we get more tonight.

If you're feeling like it, you can go to  and hit "like".  You might just help us win the car!  It will only take a minute or half a minute if your connection is faster than mine.

Thanks so much for all your help!


I got a text message from my sister earlier. She told me that she was sending me a brochure of Face Shop via email and that I should choose a product I wanted.  It would be her late birthday gift for me.  I'm so thrilled about this but as I was looking at all the beauty products, I couldn't make up my mind.  Why can't a girl just have everything?


I have a new android phone!  Haha!  I didn't even know what an android phone was yesterday.  There are people who are crazy about phones.  They just go gaga over the latest models.  I'm not like that at all.  I never understood them, actually.  I don't even know the model of the phone I'm using.  The only time I cared was the first time I bought a phone and that was in 1999.  After that, all I cared about was just that I had a phone that would allow me to send /receive messages and to call and receive calls.

Ruel just gave me a new android phone this afternoon.  I'm so excited to use it although I don't think I'm going to be able to maximize the use of its features.  And no...I won't give up my old phone.  I've gotten quite attached to it already.

These are my thoughts today.  What are yours?  Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Hair....etc.

Many of my friends are wondering how I will wear my hair on my wedding day.  I want it to look soft and romantic like this...
                                                                                    Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

and this...

                                                                                           Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

Now you get an idea of how I want my hair to look on my wedding day. I just hope my hairdresser will be able to do it. I still don't know whether I will put flowers or little sparkly accessories.

I found this prayer on pinterest earlier and I thought it would be such a good idea to have it framed and displayed on our bedroom wall.
                                                                                                  Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

I just have to change the first lines to, "Help us remember our first date." For those who know our story, you understand why I have to change the first line. This reminds me...maybe I'll write a post next time about how we met.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ford Focus - Our New Car

Hi friends, if you remember I talked about test driving a car last Saturday.  Actually, it was not I who did the test drive ( I don't know how to drive).  It was Ruel who did the testing. I was just at the backseat.

Anyway, it's a Ford Focus sedan.  It has cool features like a voice activated system, a park assist that allows you to park without moving a finger, and a feature that automatically stops the car if it needs to stop even if you forget to hit the breaks.  Cool huh?

So, we have a video of the test drive.   The one who gets the most "likes" will win a new Ford Focus!  I'm hoping it would be us!  Actually, I'm claiming it.  They say that when we pray, we have to claim it. So I'm claiming it now.

But where will you come in?  You can help us win the car!  Please, please, please help us win the car by clicking on the "like" button. It would only take a minute of your time...less than a minute if you have a connection faster than mine.

All you have to do is to visit this link and click "like". That's all.  You can also view the video here on my blog, but it doesn't have the "like" button so you really have to go to the link to click "like".

Thanks so much for all your help!  This is going to be like a huge wedding present!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Letters v. 6

a link-up with Megan

I feel like I haven't written my Monday letters for so long.  It's so nice to finally have time to write some again.

Dear Monday, I'm happy that you come and go so fast.  You're making my wedding come nearer and nearer!  Now, if only my face and body don't age as you come and go.  That would just be super!

Dear Self, after sacrificing your cravings for sweets, and for second helpings, you still look and weigh the same.  When are you going to lose those extra pounds?

Dear Work,  When are you going to stop making me feel guilty whenever I spend time reading a novel, a blog or writing a blog post?  When are you going to stop making me feel guilty whenever I spend quality time with the people I love? 

Dear Blog font, Why do you keep changing yourself back to such an ordinary Comic Sans font?  I chose Indie flower but I seldom find the letters in that font.  What should I do to keep your font the way I like it?

Dear Ruel, can we please sing this song on our wedding day? Pretty please?

Dear God, thank you for the week that passed.  Thank you for this new week.  Please stay with me and the ones I love.  Continue to guide us, to bless us and to protect us always.  Amen.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Treasures v. 1

Hello to all my blogger friends!  This is my first Saturday Treasures post.

I'm actually bursting with excitement to share my treasures with you.

1.I've Got Your Number

I read Sophie Kinsella's latest book, I've Got Your Number last Monday and I totally loved it.  There were moments I actually laughed out loud!  There were moments I smiled, moments when I felt a lump in my throat and moments I cried!  I loved every second I spent reading the book!  The best thing of all, the book is mine, mine to keep forever. ( I promise myself I will not lend it.  I'm not selfish or greedy or anything, but I have lost most of my favorite books because I keep on lending books and somehow the books never find their way back to me!)

I wrote a review on the book here.

2. Orogold

There's this Orogold product that was tested on my nail and on Ruel's.  It was amazing.  The salesman just buffed the surface of the nail on Ruel's thumb and voila!  His nail shone as if there was nail polish on it!  And when I touched it, it was really smooth!

Look at the picture below, the nail on the right is the one that was buffed. Compare it with the left nail and you'd see the difference!

After his nail was buffed, my nail was buffed too and the same thing happened!

These are our shiny nails!
I really couldn't get over it. I don't know about you but this was my first time to see this product and I was kind of awestruck!

3. a late birthday gift

The mother of a former student of mine asked me for my address the other day.  She said she was going to have a gift delivered to my home.  I thought it was so sweet and I also didn't want to cause her any inconvenience so I said I'd just drop by their house to get it. 

So, this morning, Ruel and I went to their house to get the gift. I was so excited.  I opened it inside the car and it turned out to be something I could use for our future home.  It has dainty blue floral design.   I love it and I can't wait to entertain guests!

4. a new car! 

(Well...actually, it's a car we're hoping we will win!)  Ruel and I went to test drive it this morning.  We could win it if we get the most number of likes in our test drive video.  It has a voice activated system, a park assist feature, and other really cool features.  But mostly, I just want to be able to tell the car, "Play, I Dreamed a Dream."

I'll post a link to the video (once it's ready) and I hope you can help us win the car by clicking "like".  It would be such a fabulous wedding present from you guys!

Oh...and while we were waiting to test drive the car, Ruel won a really nice umbrella by answering a trivia question. :)

It was a fun morning for both of us.  I didn't expect it to be but it was!