Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Treasures v. 1

Hello to all my blogger friends!  This is my first Saturday Treasures post.

I'm actually bursting with excitement to share my treasures with you.

1.I've Got Your Number

I read Sophie Kinsella's latest book, I've Got Your Number last Monday and I totally loved it.  There were moments I actually laughed out loud!  There were moments I smiled, moments when I felt a lump in my throat and moments I cried!  I loved every second I spent reading the book!  The best thing of all, the book is mine, mine to keep forever. ( I promise myself I will not lend it.  I'm not selfish or greedy or anything, but I have lost most of my favorite books because I keep on lending books and somehow the books never find their way back to me!)

I wrote a review on the book here.

2. Orogold

There's this Orogold product that was tested on my nail and on Ruel's.  It was amazing.  The salesman just buffed the surface of the nail on Ruel's thumb and voila!  His nail shone as if there was nail polish on it!  And when I touched it, it was really smooth!

Look at the picture below, the nail on the right is the one that was buffed. Compare it with the left nail and you'd see the difference!

After his nail was buffed, my nail was buffed too and the same thing happened!

These are our shiny nails!
I really couldn't get over it. I don't know about you but this was my first time to see this product and I was kind of awestruck!

3. a late birthday gift

The mother of a former student of mine asked me for my address the other day.  She said she was going to have a gift delivered to my home.  I thought it was so sweet and I also didn't want to cause her any inconvenience so I said I'd just drop by their house to get it. 

So, this morning, Ruel and I went to their house to get the gift. I was so excited.  I opened it inside the car and it turned out to be something I could use for our future home.  It has dainty blue floral design.   I love it and I can't wait to entertain guests!

4. a new car! 

(Well...actually, it's a car we're hoping we will win!)  Ruel and I went to test drive it this morning.  We could win it if we get the most number of likes in our test drive video.  It has a voice activated system, a park assist feature, and other really cool features.  But mostly, I just want to be able to tell the car, "Play, I Dreamed a Dream."

I'll post a link to the video (once it's ready) and I hope you can help us win the car by clicking "like".  It would be such a fabulous wedding present from you guys!

Oh...and while we were waiting to test drive the car, Ruel won a really nice umbrella by answering a trivia question. :)

It was a fun morning for both of us.  I didn't expect it to be but it was!


  1. I have just found and followed your blog. I love your blog and the links that you do. I may join in next week if I get the chance xx

    1. Thanks for following and for your kind words. I do hope you get to link up on Saturday.


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