Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 8

Linking up again with Sar for another round of Thrusday Thoughts.

My wedding ticker says "3 months and 3 days until our wedding day".  Goodness!  Everything seems to be in fast forward.  I have to submit all my documents to the church ASAP.  Ruel's documents are all ready. Mine still have some minor glitches which I hope and pray I will solve tomorrow...   with God's help.

I have been quite remiss in posting lately. I'm a little sad because I feel I have neglected this blog in a way. It's just that work has been keeping me busy.  Despite the fact that I have been doing my job, I still have so many things left unaccomplished ...

Checked test papers for recording

for recording

essays for checking

projects for grading and recording

and so many other things that are coming my way! Yikes!

Saturday is coming and I'm preparations again.  But why do weekends have to be so short???  I often wish there were three rest days in a week instead of just two....specially because this September, we will only have one free Saturday.  All of the three other Saturdays are working days! :( Can you believe that?  Oh well... you'd think after all these years, I would have gotten used to it already.  But I haven't and I don't think, I'll ever be!

I'm beginning to wish I didn't tell my work friends about this blog.  I'm beginning to wish my students didn't find out about this blog thru google! I wish I had a secret blog so I could write things more freely.  There are so many other things and feelings that I can't put out here in the open for fear of saying something not "teacher-like",  something that could hurt the school, or hurt one of my family members.
I'm actually thinking of starting a new one with more of  "controversial" thoughts.

So, these are my thoughts this Thursday. What are you thinking of?

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  1. You are almost under the 3 month mark!! How exciting (and scary I'm sure) is that?! :-)


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