Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 7

The days are really flying by so fast! Another week has passed after my last Thursday Thoughts and I didn't even notice.

So here's what I've been thinking:


I totally adore the movie Letters to Juliet because I found it so cute and romantic. It made me cry too, but then again, love stories ALWAYS make me cry.  Anyway, I thought the songs were all at once happy and romantic which is the mood I want during our wedding reception and so, I picked one of the songs from its soundtrack to be played during our reception.


I just want to share what my girls would be wearing (well....more or less) during my wedding.
It's somewhere between these two.




Their dresses  would be in carnation green, we would be using chiffon because I want the skirt to have a very soft and romantic effect.


I mentioned something about a link-up a few days ago and I think I finally thought of something I would like to host. The whole week I am going collect "treasures" and I would share them every Saturday. Now, the treasures may be tangible things like recent purchases, gifts  received, or intangible things like a delicious new recipe, a memorable experience, a lesson learned, a nice quotation picked up somewhere, a glorious sunset, anything that is worth remembering or worth cherishing. These are the things I would share every Saturday and anyone who wishes to link up will do the same. It can be as many as the days of the week, or just one. But I think, as generous God is, each of us will be able to collect more than just one treasure in a week. What do you think girls? I'll start it on Saturday, that is, if I figure out how to put a linky.

So anyway, these are my thoughts today. Head on to Sar to see what she is thinking and link up!


  1. LOVE that song! :-) Excellent choice!

  2. Replies
    1. Im glad you think that way. I'm a little scared to start it.:(

  3. I looove the first dress! So cute! The second is adorable too, but I love the details on the bottom of the first!

    Happy Friday!


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