Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seven Years Older and Several Shades Darker....

Some good things never change....

I had a date with one of my old friends from the corporate world last night.  We have not seen each other for so long, owing to the fact that she migrated to Canada some seven years ago.  After just thirty minutes of talking with her, I realized Maic is still the same old friend I know.

Seven years older and several shades darker, she is still Maic...the same friend who taught me the quote, "Kung gusto maraming paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan." (If you really want something, there are plenty of ways.  If you don't want to do something, there are plenty of excuses), the same friend whose voice  echoes in my mind whenever I put on my jewelries, "Mitsa ng buhay yan." (That would cost you your life.)

There were a lot of other things she taught me (or at least tried to), like storing up on underwear before getting married, becoming more practical and many other things I think I never really learned to do.  I guess, it was because she and I had totally different personalities with totally different mindsets.  Funny that we get along together but we do.  Of course there were times we didn't see eye to eye .....lots of times, but that never got in the way of our friendship.

I never really realized how much I missed her until last night.  As I have said, she was the same person I know and remember.  She was so much darker, but I guess she weighed the same.  She talked the same way and laughed the same way.  Same old blunt and frank Maic with lots of weird but practical ideas that usually make me laugh.

She and I still laugh at the same things.  She said I was the same person too.  And so we had a blast!

with Maic and her husband, Sam

Maic and I at the Tsoko.Nut for a cup of coffee after our very early dinner

Since she's going back to Canada on Monday and won't be attending my shower and my wedding, she gave me my shower gift early...

sweet perfume and something tiny inside the bag!   

I asked her if she was sure they fit me. :)  We used to be the same size.  

Now, I'm so much bigger!

    She also gave me and Ruel a cash gift for our wedding.  Thanks so much, Maic!  Really thoughtful of her!

    I was so reluctant to end the night but the rain was starting to pour again and so we had to say "So long."

    I miss her already.

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