Monday, August 27, 2012

Greek Birthday

I turned another year older yesterday. God, in His goodness and generosity, has blessed me with so much. I just felt the need to celebrate.

We went to a Greek restaurant, Cyma, located on the fifth floor of Shangri-La Mall. Most of us have gone there before but this was our first as a family.

with my son

with my sister
It's a Greek version of  baked macaroni. It tasted and felt a little weird at first taste but the more I had it, the more  I liked it.

This is Greek paella.  Loved the taste!   It was flavorful with a hint of lemon.

This is some kind of an appetizer.  Bread with flaming cheese.  The cheese is on fire as it is served.
I  loved it but nobody loved it more than my son did.

We had gyros but I wasn't able to take a picture of it.    Sorry.

That's all of son, me, my sister, her husband, my dad, mom and Ruel

So anyway, this is how I spent my birthday.  We went to hear mass in the afternoon as we weren't able to catch the early morning mass.  I woke up too late.

It was a stressful (don't ask me why) but happy birthday, ending with a birthday dinner with yummy buko pandan for dessert.

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  1. Happy birthday!! It looks like you had an awesome meal. That flaming cheese looks fantastic! :-)


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