Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wedding Update and Eat and Go Review

I was at the mall the whole day, to check out some invitation samples, and a lovely collection of unique coins for our wedding.

Goodness gracious! I didn't realize invitations could be so expensive!  The cheapest one we found was priced at 125.00 pesos per piece and they told us the minimum number we could order was 100!  We were only having 150 guests and we were only planning to give out around 50 invites!

So, I guess the hunt is still on for invitation suppliers.  We'll just wait for the next bridal fair scheduled on the 25th and 26th of this month.

We were trying to save some money so we were very particular today about lunch. I didn't want to eat in a fast food but I certainly did not want to spend so much again on the usual restaurants we go to.  

We ended up trying out  Eat and Go, located on the 3rd floor of SM Megamall, Bldg. B.  Its name may sound like fast food but it is not.

They had a promotional meal of two entrees and one salad for only Ps. 399.00.  That included bottomless lemonade and 50% off on dessert, which we didn't avail of because we have been eating too much sweets lately.

I ordered Prawn Bucatini.  It came with a soup which I didn't know the name of, and buttered corn and carrots.  The buttered corn and carrots didn't taste as if they were seasoned but it was ok because I like corn.  I really liked the taste of the soup which had just enough sourness, sweetness and spiciness.   Here's the problem though.  It was not served hot.  It wasn't even warm!  

The Prawn Bucatini was the one that saved the meal. It was not extraordinary but I thought it was very good, it was flavorful enough for its cost.  I actually found myself enjoying it.
Prawn Bucatini

Ruel ordered Roast Chicken.  I tried the dish and in my opinion the rice was a little too dry.  The chicken tasted okay but it was too small compared to how it looked in the picture. I'm so used to that but I still complain about it every time. :)

Roast Chicken 
This was the salad that came with the order
I usually enjoy salad but I didn't enjoy this one.  The apple was crisp though.

    To summarize, here's what I think on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest and 1, the lowest.

    Taste:                    4
    Service:                 2
    Value for money:   3

I have read about this place. Some were good, a lot were bad.  But then honestly, what do you expect out of 399.00?  The 399.00 meal even comes with a fifty percent off on dessert.  

So I think this is already a good bargain.  

Now, if we didn't take the promo, maybe I would think differently.  

Still, I really enjoyed the bucatini. :)

So, will I be a repeat customer? It won't be at the top of my mind but if I wanted something better than McDo or Jollibee, I just might come back.


  1. Have you thought about making your own invitations? There are some really amazing ways to do it, and for a lot cheaper than buying them.....just a thought?

  2. Yes, I have thought about that but I'm a bit scared because I'm usually not good at printing and computer stuff. :) If we don't find something that's reasonably priced, I guess I would just have to do a DIY invite. Good luck to me! haha!

  3. The food looks pretty tasty. :-) I'm always trying to find new, fun AND affordable places to eat that are kid friendly. So far, we still eat at all of our usual go-to spots.

    I'm sure you'll find a solution for invites. Have you looked around online?


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