Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Monday v. 5

a link-up with Megan

Happy Monday friends! It's time once again for another round of Dear Monday!

Dear Monday, you're supposed to be stress-free today with the suspension of classes.  Still, why am I so stressed? Is it because of the tons of work  I have to do, even on a non-working day?

Dear Saturday, you were specially busy last week!  You made me cook up a storm!  It left me exhausted but entirely happy for my son who celebrated his thirteenth birthday.

Dear Sunday, you were a delight! You filled my stomach to the brim!  Hahaha! Does it even have a brim? Oh what the "h", it's just an expression!  We celebrated our mom's 70th birthday in advance at Midas Hotel. I had a glorious time eating everything their buffet had to offer.  Sorry, I didn't get to take lots of pictures of the food, specially the pretty desserts.  I was so busy eating!

I can't remember enjoying a veggie salad as much as I did this one!

       I had grilled seafoods too! Yum!  And I could live on their bread and cheese! Oh, I can feel my mouth watering again!

Dear Mom,  happy birthday in advance!  Thanks for taking care of me and my son! I hope you will still be strong enough to take care of another child of mine sometime in the very near future!  We are all very lucky to have you!   May God give you many more happy birthdays!

Mothers never stop being mothers. See? My mom still fixes my hair!

Mom at almost 70

Dear family, I am really so blessed to have you! I know we are always noisy and oftentimes arguing over little things, but still we do love one another and that's what's most important.

Dear paperworks, I hope I get to do more of you this week!  I really need to!

Dear God, thank you for the love and the blessings!  Please continue to bless the people I love!

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