Wednesday, August 8, 2012

38 in 38

I keep seeing these 101 in 1001 lists on the net so I went to Day Zero to make my own.

The problem is, it is just so hard to come up with 101 things that I really want to do.   There were ideas on the site, but a lot of them were things I didn't want to do.  Since I wasn't imaginative/creative enough to think of 101 things to do, I decided to just come up with my own ____ in ___.  That would be way shorter and so much easier to make.

I figured making my list and putting it out here in the open will make it more like a commitment for me to really accomplish the things I've listed down.

38 in 38 
in no particular order, except of course for #1 and  #5

1. Get married. - Well, that's a given.
2. Go to Bohol and meet a tarsier.
3. Organize my pics.
4. Learn 10 new dishes.
5. Get pregnant.
6. go back to Disneyland
7. Read at least one new book in a month.
8. Host a link-up.
9. Grow my blog.
10. Write more snail nails.
11. Have a healthier diet.
12. Exercise more.
13. Ride cabs less often.
14. Love more.
15. Read the Bible more often.
16. Say the Rosary more often.
17. Leave inspiring notes for strangers.
18. Learn to drive.
19. Think of a topic for my thesis.
20. Open an online store.
21. Design a shirt.
22. Plant a tree.
23. Buy a new camera.
24. Learn more about photography.
25. Organize my closet.
26. List down my daily expenses.
27. Save more. 
28. Watch more movies.
29. Create more things.
30. Bake more.
31. Be more active on twitter.
32. Create a reading list.
33. Pay off my social security debt.
34. Read more Pinoy blogs.
35. Watch The Princess Bride.  
36. Spend more time with my son.
37. Be a sweet wife.
38. Be a sweeter daughter.

That's my list! I hope I can accomplish everything I've listed and continue doing 36, 37 and 38 long after the given time period.    

Wish me luck!

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