Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to the Past

I've often been described as as an old soul.  I can converse about the different eras, sing songs from different decades and  I've always  loved wearing dresses from the olden times.

So I was so excited when I learned that our field demonstration for this year would showcase dances from the 50s to the 2000s.  Good thing, I was part of the core team.  I took it upon myself to write the script for the whole program and decade introductions plus AVPs.  I was also tasked to come up with this year's theme which I did:  Paulinians sailing forth on the winds of the past.

Aside from that, I was also this year's emcee and I took this opportunity to dress like a 50s girl.  I asked our school seamstress to make an additional costume for me, curled my hair, borrowed my hunny bed's white handkerchief and tied it around my head like a headband, threw on a cardigan and a pair of white rubber shoes and voila! I think I looked like someone from the 50s, more or less.  My son said I looked like a waitress at a 50s diner.  That must mean I did a good job.

with another teacher from the 50s

with a teacher from the 90s

with some high school students

teachers from the 70s

And here I am with my son who insisted on wearing his ID when I said I wanted to have a picture taken with him.

It was truly a happy day for me, I got to do what I wanted to do and I got to watch my son perform.....oh, but wait, I have one regret....I wish the teachers had a chance to dance too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

An Eye Opener

I'be been MIA again for more almost two  weeks. It's actually a very stressful  eleven days.

We had to take our helper to the emergency room some two weeks ago because she was having trouble breathing. After she had undergone some tests, we were told that she was having a heart attack.

She's home now and resting but you can just imagine how much we spent for her treatment.  My husband's blood pressure went up just thinking of it!

Now, we're all trying to avoid fat, and all those unhealthy food that are bad for the heart. I've exercised only twice since it happened but I vow to do so more regularly. I really just have a problem with time,plus the fact that it's so cold nowadays. I just want to keep my showers down to only once a day.

What happened has really served as an eye opener for us...about how fragile life is, the importance of staying fit and eating healthy, of how God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others, etc. I mean, even if you see this kind of thing on TV, you hear it from others, still, you don't get to really  understand what everyone is talking about until it's staring you right in your face, so to speak.

I am experiencing some on and off chest pains as of this writing. I'm hoping and praying it's nothing. After all, on a scale of 1-10, I give my pains only 1. However, I cannot help but feel paranoid about it.

I guess that's it for today. I really just wanted to let you know what has happened recently. I'm going to lie down now and rest.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm currently ....

..... thinking of an itinerary for our upcoming trip.
......thinking of what I could write about but coming up with only this.
......enjoying my tablet and my DSLR.
......reading theme papers and wishing I was reading books instead.
......feeling anxious about how our principal would react to a particular news.
......wishing I had enough time to exercise in the evenings.
......rushing to get all my January tasks done on time.
......hoping and praying for a wonderful year.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Through the lens of my camera...

A whole new world has been opened up to me through the lens of my new camera....but this world  will only be totally accessible to me once I get to know and understand my new camera.  That's why I'm slowly trying to discover its features and how best to use them.

I wish I had more time to study the manual and go around to practise shooting but right now I don't.

However, I wanted to share with you the few photos that I have been able to take.

They're nothing great but I guess they're okay for starters.

If you have any tips for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments box. I'd be so grateful.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

A new year has just begun. After  all the excitement of the holidays, the world seems to be quieter. The child in me wants the days to go fast and for Christmas to hurry back. But the 'old' woman in me wants the days to go slow so as to slow down my ageing process and that of all the people I love.

When I was a little girl I couldn't wait to be a grownup. I wished that time would fly so I could start wearing makeup and wear grownup clothes and fall in love.  But I guess when you reach this age, you'd wish you were young again, playing pretend with your sister, and your parents were still strong and life was just school and home.

When you reach this age, you'd wish that time would stop for a while and wait til your ready
to grow old, til you're ready for all the ones you love to age as well.

Oh well, it's just sad that I can't just hold on to the days and slow them down a bit. But the more rational me says that there are things I can logically wish and pray for and things I can resolve to do to make this year so much better.

I wish and pray....

...that the world will be safe from all kinds of natural calamities.
...that there will be no more attacks on human life.
...that all my loved ones will be safe from all kinds of diseases, and accidents.
...that all my loved ones will be safe from all kinds of bad things and compromising   situations.
...that the world will be a safer place for children.
...that I could go out and not be afraid.
...that the people of the world would work together to slow down global warming.
...that my loved ones and I will enjoy good health.
...that my parents and in-laws would still be strong enough to enjoy this year's holidays
...that I'd get a well-deserved raise this year
...that I'd be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and teacher.
...that we'd find a way to pay the downpayment for a house and lot.
...that my son would have more good friends, good grades and would have more opportunities to share his talents.
...that my son and I would be closer and would have more bonding time.
...that our upcoming trip would be a safe one.
...that I could enjoy the Pahiyas with my Bunny bed and my son this May.
...that I could have more opportunities to use my new camera.
...that I could have more money to finance my travels.

And so I resolve to...
...spend more time with my son. more patient and understanding to my son. so much kinder to my parents. a dutiful, understanding and loving wife.
...cook more.
...spend time with my sis. more.
...spend wisely.
...organize my things.
...follow schedules. deadlines.
...take better pictures.
...go back to school.
...pray more.
...listen more.
...make more people happy.
...visit the aged and the imprisoned.
...perform on stage.
...prepare better lessons. more tolerant of others.
...exercise and lose at least ten pounds
...teach my nephew how to properly kiss me.  He kisses me several times whenever we are together but he     also ends up biting me every time.

Look at these pics....

sweetly kisses me

then comes the big bite!

Have a safe, happy and wonderful 2014!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap

Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

I did.  We had a blessed Christmas.  We were all happy and healthy.  Noche Buena was filled with good food which was mostly prepared by me and was shared together with my parents and my sister's family. 
After eating our Noche Buena feast, we all gathered around the tree and distributed and opened our gifts.

I got makeup from my parents, a top from my sister, a tablet case from my son and a surprise gift from Hunny Bed.  It was indeed a surprise because I already opened a present from him a week before Christmas....a tablet which I usually use for playing games and reading ebooks. 

So I was really surprised when my parents told me that the box with the pretty bow was mine.  

It felt as if Santa came and left me with what I wished was a DLSR camera with matching tripod! See, what a sweet husband I have...always wanting to make me happy!

Hunny Bed and I gave my son what he wished for:  a book entitled: How to Write Comics by Stan Lee. What he wasn't counting on was the Superman flash disk, a collared shirt and a long sleeved shirt which I know I will have a hard time making him wear.

That was Noche Buena.  Christmas Day began with a celebration of the Holy Mass.  We brought my son to his dad's place in Makati and went to have lunch with my in-laws in Bulacan afterwards.  

It was a happy day because I know we made four other people son and his dad and my in-laws.

New Year's Eve was a bit different this year because we spent it together with my parents and my in-laws.
After the celebration of the Holy Mass in the morning, we had a late lunch at The Fort with my sister's family.

I guess it's really hard to keep family together during the holidays when the children are all married.  You'd have to make compromises on where to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  It becomes even more difficult if you have a child from a previous marriage. But if you really value family togetherness during the season, you'd always find a way to celebrate the holidays together.

Here are some pics taken yesterday.  Enjoy!