Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

A new year has just begun. After  all the excitement of the holidays, the world seems to be quieter. The child in me wants the days to go fast and for Christmas to hurry back. But the 'old' woman in me wants the days to go slow so as to slow down my ageing process and that of all the people I love.

When I was a little girl I couldn't wait to be a grownup. I wished that time would fly so I could start wearing makeup and wear grownup clothes and fall in love.  But I guess when you reach this age, you'd wish you were young again, playing pretend with your sister, and your parents were still strong and life was just school and home.

When you reach this age, you'd wish that time would stop for a while and wait til your ready
to grow old, til you're ready for all the ones you love to age as well.

Oh well, it's just sad that I can't just hold on to the days and slow them down a bit. But the more rational me says that there are things I can logically wish and pray for and things I can resolve to do to make this year so much better.

I wish and pray....

...that the world will be safe from all kinds of natural calamities.
...that there will be no more attacks on human life.
...that all my loved ones will be safe from all kinds of diseases, and accidents.
...that all my loved ones will be safe from all kinds of bad things and compromising   situations.
...that the world will be a safer place for children.
...that I could go out and not be afraid.
...that the people of the world would work together to slow down global warming.
...that my loved ones and I will enjoy good health.
...that my parents and in-laws would still be strong enough to enjoy this year's holidays
...that I'd get a well-deserved raise this year
...that I'd be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and teacher.
...that we'd find a way to pay the downpayment for a house and lot.
...that my son would have more good friends, good grades and would have more opportunities to share his talents.
...that my son and I would be closer and would have more bonding time.
...that our upcoming trip would be a safe one.
...that I could enjoy the Pahiyas with my Bunny bed and my son this May.
...that I could have more opportunities to use my new camera.
...that I could have more money to finance my travels.

And so I resolve to...
...spend more time with my son. more patient and understanding to my son. so much kinder to my parents. a dutiful, understanding and loving wife.
...cook more.
...spend time with my sis. more.
...spend wisely.
...organize my things.
...follow schedules. deadlines.
...take better pictures.
...go back to school.
...pray more.
...listen more.
...make more people happy.
...visit the aged and the imprisoned.
...perform on stage.
...prepare better lessons. more tolerant of others.
...exercise and lose at least ten pounds
...teach my nephew how to properly kiss me.  He kisses me several times whenever we are together but he     also ends up biting me every time.

Look at these pics....

sweetly kisses me

then comes the big bite!

Have a safe, happy and wonderful 2014!



  1. Happy New Year to you Claire and to all your family!

    Have a wonderful 2014 with lots of blessings.

    Molly xX

    1. Thanks so much Molly! A blessed and splendid 2014 to you and your loved ones as well! Cheers!


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