Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap

Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

I did.  We had a blessed Christmas.  We were all happy and healthy.  Noche Buena was filled with good food which was mostly prepared by me and was shared together with my parents and my sister's family. 
After eating our Noche Buena feast, we all gathered around the tree and distributed and opened our gifts.

I got makeup from my parents, a top from my sister, a tablet case from my son and a surprise gift from Hunny Bed.  It was indeed a surprise because I already opened a present from him a week before Christmas....a tablet which I usually use for playing games and reading ebooks. 

So I was really surprised when my parents told me that the box with the pretty bow was mine.  

It felt as if Santa came and left me with what I wished was a DLSR camera with matching tripod! See, what a sweet husband I have...always wanting to make me happy!

Hunny Bed and I gave my son what he wished for:  a book entitled: How to Write Comics by Stan Lee. What he wasn't counting on was the Superman flash disk, a collared shirt and a long sleeved shirt which I know I will have a hard time making him wear.

That was Noche Buena.  Christmas Day began with a celebration of the Holy Mass.  We brought my son to his dad's place in Makati and went to have lunch with my in-laws in Bulacan afterwards.  

It was a happy day because I know we made four other people son and his dad and my in-laws.

New Year's Eve was a bit different this year because we spent it together with my parents and my in-laws.
After the celebration of the Holy Mass in the morning, we had a late lunch at The Fort with my sister's family.

I guess it's really hard to keep family together during the holidays when the children are all married.  You'd have to make compromises on where to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  It becomes even more difficult if you have a child from a previous marriage. But if you really value family togetherness during the season, you'd always find a way to celebrate the holidays together.

Here are some pics taken yesterday.  Enjoy!


  1. You are so beautiful! Happy new year and may it be the best ever!

    1. Thanks so much Brooke! Happy 2014 to you as wek. God bless you.


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