Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

                This is my first Friday's Letters link-up at Adventures of Newlyweds.

Dear week, you have been exhausting!  All the preparations for the distribution of cards and for the outreach activity tomorrow have left me drained of energy.

Dear Saturday, it seems that you have been keeping us busy this month.  I can't wait for the time you are going to allow me to just be the couch potato I want to be.

Dear sister,  I am so sad that you can't attend my wedding.  The first time that you said you couldn't attend the wedding, I was still hoping that if things turned out fine with your pregnancy you would be able to attend.  But now that we only have two months left before the wedding, you're still saying that you can't attend and I am just soooooo sad.  Maybe I should just accept that you won't be there. Although I totally understand that Tagaytay is just too far from the hospital where you want to give birth in,  I still cannot help but be heartbroken.   It is hard to imagine my wedding without my sister there, specially because I do not have any other sister or sibling for that matter.  I

Dear friends, I hope you read this post.  Can you please get a video message from my sister? Make it look like a surprise for me on my wedding day. :)  That would be awesome and would really make my day.

Dear God, thank you very much for keeping us healthy and safe.  Thank you very much for all your help with our preparations and for helping us with our documents.  I am so happy and thankful that our documents are all complete now.

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