Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ford Focus - Our New Car

Hi friends, if you remember I talked about test driving a car last Saturday.  Actually, it was not I who did the test drive ( I don't know how to drive).  It was Ruel who did the testing. I was just at the backseat.

Anyway, it's a Ford Focus sedan.  It has cool features like a voice activated system, a park assist that allows you to park without moving a finger, and a feature that automatically stops the car if it needs to stop even if you forget to hit the breaks.  Cool huh?

So, we have a video of the test drive.   The one who gets the most "likes" will win a new Ford Focus!  I'm hoping it would be us!  Actually, I'm claiming it.  They say that when we pray, we have to claim it. So I'm claiming it now.

But where will you come in?  You can help us win the car!  Please, please, please help us win the car by clicking on the "like" button. It would only take a minute of your time...less than a minute if you have a connection faster than mine.

All you have to do is to visit this link http://fapa.launchpad6.com/video470 and click "like". That's all.  You can also view the video here on my blog, but it doesn't have the "like" button so you really have to go to the link to click "like".

Thanks so much for all your help!  This is going to be like a huge wedding present!


  1. Hey Claire :) I'm stopping by from 'Crazy Beautiful Unique' to follow your blog. It is adorable! I'm also going to place your button on my sidebar :)

    1. Thanks, for stopping by and for leaving a lovely comment, Celeste. I hope you come back often!

    2. Thanks for grabbing my button. I grabbed you button as well. It's now on my sidebar.


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