Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Letters v. 6

a link-up with Megan

I feel like I haven't written my Monday letters for so long.  It's so nice to finally have time to write some again.

Dear Monday, I'm happy that you come and go so fast.  You're making my wedding come nearer and nearer!  Now, if only my face and body don't age as you come and go.  That would just be super!

Dear Self, after sacrificing your cravings for sweets, and for second helpings, you still look and weigh the same.  When are you going to lose those extra pounds?

Dear Work,  When are you going to stop making me feel guilty whenever I spend time reading a novel, a blog or writing a blog post?  When are you going to stop making me feel guilty whenever I spend quality time with the people I love? 

Dear Blog font, Why do you keep changing yourself back to such an ordinary Comic Sans font?  I chose Indie flower but I seldom find the letters in that font.  What should I do to keep your font the way I like it?

Dear Ruel, can we please sing this song on our wedding day? Pretty please?

Dear God, thank you for the week that passed.  Thank you for this new week.  Please stay with me and the ones I love.  Continue to guide us, to bless us and to protect us always.  Amen.

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