Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not into Halloween......(ducking)

The celebration of Halloween is a western tradition which is now being embraced by many middle income Filipinos.  Parents who can afford to buy costumes for their children allow them to participate in Halloween activities sponsored by malls and other establishments.  Some restaurants and banks also dress up for the occasion.

It is for this reason that as early as now, department stores are already selling Halloween stuff like these things I saw at the mall today.

I know Halloween parties are fun but I hope my fellow Filipinos will not forget the real Filipino tradition which is remembering the saints in November 1 and remembering the souls in November 2.  We do this by spending the day at the cemetery and praying for our dead relatives and friends. This is the Filipino tradition and may that be the tradition that we leave our children with and teach them to value.

I hope nobody will throw rotten tomatoes at me for saying this, but I'm really not into Halloween.  I really did not feel any excitement when I saw the Halloween costumes and plastic pumpkins at the mall earlier.

What really perked me up was this!

Just seeing their red and green colors gave me a warm, happy feeling inside.

I just love Christmas!  Don't we all?

And this Christmas will be extra special.  My son and I will be in our new home with Ruel.  My parents will have a new son-in-law.  I will have a new set of parents-in-law and a new nephew.   My son will have a second father and  a new cousin.

Isn't that exciting?


  1. You have so much to look forward too! I must admit all the black and all don't make me feel too perky soni do love seeing the Christmas stuff out! I do like Halloween though mainly because it's my birthday 2 days before! We don't have any other traditions as important as what you described so I do hope they are not forgotten either traditions are so wonderful and important :-)

  2. LOVE Christmas!!! I can't wait to get my decorations and tree up in November....but I'll try to wait till after Thanksgiving this year. :)


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