Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 Day Challenge - Day 14 and 15

Ok girls, I am so sorry for my late post.  I was weaving paper the whole day..(well, almost) yesterday. 

for my Day 14 post:

What movie would you watch over and over again?

There are a lot of movies I have watched more than five times, and most of them were comedy-love stories but I think if I were only allowed to watch only one movie for the rest of my life, I guess it would be
 It's one of my favorite movies although I do not think of it as the best. It's just that the movie has a certain quality that fits my personality so much that I think I could stand watching it over and over again for the rest of my life.

I'm an old soul, and I have always wanted to dress like they did in the movie, or to speak the way the nobility spoke in the olden times. 

Ever After speaks of romance and love and that's ME! Ever After is a fairy tale come true and that's so much how I look at life. I know in my mind that life is not a fairy tale but still my heart believes it is. And deep down, I know I will have my own happy-ever-after. 

Day 15 prompt: 

What was the best compliment you've ever received?

 in 6th grade:

The school dentist announced to our class that I had the healthiest and most beautiful set of teeth!

early adulthood:

I was once an intern at an advertising company and they told me I could be a commercial model for a soap or toothpaste!

just recently:

Well, I have mentioned time and again that I am in love with theater.  Recently, while we were having our Brigadoon rehearsals, the director told me : "You look wonderful on stage!"
The assistant producer said I was not only a good dancer but a very good actress as well! 
These made my day!

So, the 15 Day Challenge is over.  I had a great time reading everyone's posts.  Cheers  to all the new friends I've made!


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