Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nutrition Month Culminating Activity

I may have found a milk substitute where calcium is concerned.

Moringga or malunggay has about four times the calcium in milk. I found that out today while I was trying to look for info about moringga. Okay....I think I have to find out just how much moringga has four times the calcium in milk.  Note to self:  Do more research on moringga.

Anyway, here's what I know.  It's good for breast-feeding women.  I actually ate a lot of it after I gave birth.   It's rich in iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, copper, calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorous, etc. etc.  Wow!  Good thing I like moringga.  

So should I say, "Goodbye milk tea, hello more moringga"?  Hmmm...I wonder what moringga shake tastes like. Or maybe, I should look for moringga tea and THEN add milk. That's even more nutritious!

So why am I talking about nutrition all of a sudden?   The kids at school inspired me to think of vegetables...weird huh?

Nutrition Month is celebrated throughout the country every July.  This month's theme is "Pagkain ng Gulay, Ugaliin, Araw-Araw Itong Ihain"   (Make It a Habit to Eat Vegetables; Serve It Every Day)

The nationwide campaign is done with the help of public and private schools across the country.

To make it meaningful for the kids, we had several activities, including cooking demonstrations which were done by parents, poem writing contest (which I judged), essay writing contest, parade of vegetables, best vegetable costume which included a question and answer portion, etc.

Today, the kids paraded around the campus in their vegetable costumes.   

Then they shared useful information about their chosen vegetables.


The most popular vegetables were carrots, corn and squash.  

There were only two kids dressed like moringga. :(

And I didn't know that broccoli had cancer-fighting properties.  I have to eat more of this! If only it wasn't that expensive!  The more I read about broccoli, the more I want to eat it!

That's me, the official photographer !

Oh...and I wanted to show you what the Science teachers gave me as a token for judging the Poem Writing Contest.

I love the gift!  So cute!  I already have three ports in my laptop though.  I don't see why I'll be needing that many.  Still, the gift made my day!

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