Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dreaming, Craving, Planning

It's a rainy Saturday today.  The kids at school were supposed to have their sportsfest and I was supposed to attend another weaving class afterwards but because of the downpour and the flooded streets, we had to reschedule everything.....including my weaving.

This is turning out to be an uneventful Saturday for me and I am left obsessing, craving and planning.

Ruel and I recently saw a townhouse in a perfect location.  It was near three malls. The first mall was just two blocks away! The second mall it was near to was just a train station away.   It was near a hospital and just one train station away from my school and my son's.  

It had five bedrooms, a family room, five toilet and baths,  a maid's room and a driver's room.  

I really can't forget it.  I  keep on imagining making one of the rooms into my own workplace --where I can make my scrapbooks, and other crafts in peace.  I wish I had taken a picture of it, though I am not sure if the lady who toured us inside the house would have allowed it.

I'm already planning parties!  If we had that house, I'd probably invite my friends over for dinner or lunch every week!

Ruel and I are actually obsessing over the house.  We were texting about it this morning.  Big problem:   It costs 14,500,000.00 pesos!

It's really so hard to be obsessing over something that seems unattainable.
Oh well, we can dream, right? 

I haven't had milk tea for four days in a row and I am totally dying for some.  I was recently introduced to  wintermelon milk tea and that's the flavor my taste buds are craving for now. 

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm planning to bake some chocolate cupcakes with caramel inside!  I bet tomorrow will be a lovely day!  I just have to watch my diet!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!


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