Wednesday, July 11, 2012

15 Day Challenge - Day 11

There had been a time in my life (when I was a lot younger) when I had wished I was more confident, or I had a prettier face, sexier, more intelligent and so on.   Now that I have grown, matured and realized all the things I can do, I have come to appreciate myself.  I have come to realize my value as a person.

The question "What would you not change about yourself?" then becomes so hard to answer.  At this age, with all my "bad and ugly", I am now contented and satisfied with who I am, with how I look, etc. that it's just so difficult to pinpoint just one thing I wouldn't change.   There are actually a LOT I would not change about myself.

So, I guess, it would be easier for me to turn this question around : What would you like to change about yourself? This would be a lot easier because I can think of only a couple.

I would like to have bigger feet.  My feet which I wrote about in this post, are too small.


I would like to be taller so I can wear pretty clothes that can't usually be worn by short women.

Still given the chance, I'd probably choose my first option: definitely bigger feet!


  1. Funny I would love to have smaller feet :) It seems every time I got to buy a pair of shoes, everyone and their mother wears my size and have bought what I want.

    1. haha! I can't buy what I want because my feet are too tiny!

    2. Megan, I tried commenting on your post about your baby but it posted my comment as someone else...same name but the picture was of an American. It was weird!


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