Sunday, July 8, 2012

15 Day Challenge - 7th post

I'm so behind in the challenge!

The prompt for the seventh day was: Recommend a book for us to read. Why is it special to you?

I have always been a bookworm and I have read hundreds of books. I also have a lot of favorites, books I enjoyed...books that made me laugh, cry and think.  There is one book, however that always comes on top of my mind when I am asked to recommend a book and it's Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

I read this book in college, I only borrowed a copy from the library.  I loved it so much that it was the first book I bought when I graduated and received my first paycheck from my first job.

The book is about human misery.
It's characters are all victims of suffering and pain  but each in unique and different ways.

  It's about love
 It's about the love in different forms, the love for money, love for justice, love for                                 one's fellowman, love for one's daughter, love for one's father, romantic love, love for God and God's love.

Most of all, it is about human transcendence.
It tells us that it is possible for a hardened man to completely turn his life around and be the most gentle and loving person there could possibly be.

The book also showed the author's deep understanding of human frailties, of man's thoughts and motives.

It is no wonder that the book became the inspiration of one of the most loved musicals of all times, Les Miserables.

Like the book, the musical is also my favorite...definitely goes to the top of my list.  The songs' melodies are both haunting and enchanting.  The lyrics are so deep and so faithful to the book!

And I could totally relate to the song, I Dreamed a Dream!

So, for those who haven't read Les Miserables, I really suggest you get a copy now and read it. It might be long but you won't regret it. It's certainly worth your time!

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