Sunday, July 8, 2012

15 Day Challenge - 8th Day

Still trying to catch up.....

Describe the good the bad and the ugly of yourself.

The Good
I love to laugh and people say that my laughter is contagious. 
I also have a good sense of humor. I can make people laugh, though I'm usually the first one who laughs at my punch lines. 

People say I have a nice smile.  My high school yearbook described me as the girl who wears a smile from ear to ear.  

I think I am able to spread cheer thru my smile, laughter and humor.

I am thoughtful and extremely loyal.  

I am passionate in most everything.

I cherish my friends and hold them close to my heart.  

The Bad
I get really lazy sometimes...or should that be, most of the time?  

I procrastinate.  

I have a really hard time organizing my things.    

I'm very transparent. If I am mad at a person, he would see it in my face right away.

My face easily turns red when I am angry, embarrassed, or happy.

The Ugly

I always have bad hair.  My hair is in between curly and wavy and the strands are a little thick so it doesn't look good when it's not blow dried.

I am also really short. I've learned to live with it and it really does not affect my confidence at all. However, there are times when I see a dress I really like that I still wish I was taller.

Okay! I think, this time I've caught up with everyone else.  I'll write my 9th Day post later! So happy!

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