Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Monday v. 4

a link-up with Megan
Megan hasn't posted anything for a couple of weeks now.  Nevertheless, I'll continue the weekly habit, hoping Megan wouldn't mind.  I wonder where she is though. I hope she is well and doing okay.

Dear Monday, you are so nice to me today.  My son and I get to enjoy some relaxing time at home because classes were suspended.   I am glad that we get to have a longer weekend but I am also worried for those who are badly affected by the bad weather.

Dear tiny stud, I wonder where you are.  I've just noticed that you're not in your place and you're nowhere to be found.  When did I lose you?  I didn't notice you were gone when I wore my ring yesterday. I need to get another one just like you.  For now, I'm still going to wear my ring, even without you.

Dear milk tea, I realize that I need to forget you.  The other milk tea shops that I thought used milk in their milk tea do not use milk!  They use non-dairy creamer for milk tea.  The one where I went to today use milk only for two products, the grass jelly something and wintermelon latte.  I know because I asked.  I have been to four different milk tea shops this week and two of them have big names.  All  of them use creamer.   That means, I need to find another source of milk nutrients.  I do not want to drink creamer.  It's bad for me!  Maybe I really should drink milk in its pure form, no matter how much I hate it!  Oh well...

Dear Carley over at, thank you so much for your Pen Friend Project!  I have written my first letter but I haven't sent it yet due to the bad weather we're having.  I hope Taylor is patient.  Hopefully, I'll be able to send the letter this week.

Dear work, I hope I get to do much of you this week.  I really need to stay focused and to manage my time. I have so much of you I have to do, so many other things I want to do and so little time to do everything!

Dear wedding florist, this is pretty much how I want my bouquet to look, as if I just picked the flowers myself.  I don't want my flowers to be bunched up tightly together.  I don't want my bouquet to be a big round thing that's even bigger than my waist.  I hope you can create something like this for me...only with different colors.

I took this photo of my computer screen on the day I got engaged.  The pic displayed is from

Dear God, I hope and pray that you add more years to the lives of my parents. Please help them manage their health.  Thank you very much for all your blessings and for always keeping me and my loved ones safe.

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