Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 Day Challenge - 5th Day

Five people I want to have dinner with:

My grandparents 
My grandpa died when I was 9 and my grandma died when I was 13.  I never had a chance to really have adult conversations with them and if I could bring them back for even just a day, I'd love to have dinner with them and just chat about life.

Clark Kent
I know he's not a real person but I'm just crazy about this character, particularly Smallville's Clark Kent.  I want him to come to dinner looking like Tom Welling in season 7 or 8. I just hope he wouldn't have to go save someone while we're having dinner.  That would just break my heart! 

Juan Ramirez Roman
When I was 16, I met this Spanish guy thru the International Youth Service which I wrote about in this post. He was one of my favorite snail mail friends because his letters were entertaining and amusing. We lost touch in 2001 and I think it would be great if we could really meet in person and I'd get to practise my Spanish (which is getting a little rusty) with him.  

She's a co-teacher of mine and it's her last day in school today.  We get along really great but we never got to do anything together. I think it would be fun  if we could have dinner  one of these days.

I want to get the most out of the experience so I'd like to have separate dinners with each of these people (except for my grandparents who will have dinner with me together).  Besides, I don't want to share Clark Kent with Mylz. Hahaha!

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