Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v. 3

Again, this is a link-up with Sar.


I have been sad and quite mad for two days now about the news that a mountain in my hometown of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, had been leveled by a certain mining company.  It happened without the knowledge of the mayor and when he sent people to stop what was happening, they were met by heavily armed men.

The mayor complained to the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources but it was not prevented.  What was worse was that the mayor is now being sued by the mining company for abuse of authority and oppression.

In one newspaper, the company said that there was no mountain in the site. What a big lie!  Everyone who lives there knows that there was a mountain in that area.  It just makes me so mad!

In His wisdom, God placed the mountain in that area. It used to serve as a natural barrier.
If it wasn't  needed there, God would not have placed it there. I am just so worried now that it's gone, specially now that global warming is causing stronger typhoons.
How is the town going to protect itself now?

Our town was actually badly damaged by the typhoon Cosme, compared to other nearby towns.  People there all think that it was because of the leveling of that particular mountain.  

I just pray that the disasters I am so scared of will not happen.

Ruel and I finally applied for our marriage license today.  We were required to undergo a three-hour seminar on health and family planning.   We attended it together with six or seven other couples.  It was interesting but a little scandalous in a way.  

I have successfully fought the temptation to drink milk tea today.  It's been my obsession for at least a year now and I usually give in to my craving.   I am so proud of myself today, for not giving in!

I have decided to make it a point to buy more Philippine-made products and to avoid buying China-made stuff, if that is even possible.  Everything nowadays is China-made. We should start empowering ourselves by patronizing our own.

Oh this is me this Thursday -- a little serious and reflective, but still thirsty and in love!

Now it's time to go to Sar and read her thoughts.


  1. Oh my gosh Claire, I can't believe what is happening in your town! I'll shoot up a few prayers in your honor. Thinking of you.

    1. Thanks so much Sar! Really scary, actually. That mountain used to be so green and filled with trees. Now, the mountain, the trees are all gone. Sometimes people do not understand what "nature's wrath" means.

  2. loved reading! New follower!! :)

    1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for following. Will go visit your blog now. :)

  3. New follower from Thursday Thoughts - hope you will follow back!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for following. I'll follow back!

      God bless...

  4. How terrible! Thinking of your town! So sad.

    Found you through the link-up. Hope your week gets better!

  5. Thanks! And thank you too for reading and commenting.


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