Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Frosting

I mentioned yesterday that I would bake cupcakes today and I did! Yey!

I planned on making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting but I ended up with a pink frosting.

I was melting the chocolate for my frosting when I got caught up with the laughter of my brother-in-law's nanny. She was such a jolly character who laughed at every little thing.  Instead of stirring my chocolate, I stood there staring and smiling at her...until I smelled the choco burning!

I realized I could no longer use the melted chocolate!  I was soooo sad because I was totally craving for it!   I still had choco I could melt but I didn't have cream anymore.  Note to self: don't be absent-minded!

So, anyway, it was a good thing, there was leftover pink frosting. And that's what I used for my cupcakes. 

Isn't it pretty?

I will post the recipe later.  

I made twenty-four cupcakes today. I've eaten three already!

It's been a yummy Sunday!


  1. Bummer on the chocolate! cupcakes look yummy, tho!

  2. Yep, they are. I still crave for chocolate though! :(

  3. I'm jealous. I wish I could make them myself.

  4. You could make them yourself. So easy!


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