Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Day Challenge -- Day 9

I'm finally up-to-date with the challenge.  The prompt for today is:

Tell us the best day of your life to date.

It's quite hard singling out one day from the thousands of years I've been alive. 

It's already a given that I was very happy when I gave birth to my son.  It was a different kind of "happy"....kind of fulfilled, relieved, and blissful kind of happy.  That's one of the best days of my life, not just because I had given birth to a healthy baby but also because I came out of the ordeal alive.  I have heard of mothers dying while giving birth and this really scared me.  

Another very special day for me was when Ruel and I first had a date in Tagaytay.  (This is where we will eventually get married in December.) It was a really special day.  Ruel was specially sweet.  I guess, he was the sweetest that day.  I'm not saying he's not sweet now, but he was specially sweet that time and I will never forget that day.  I guess that's when I really fell in love with him!

Recently, I've been having great days.  These are the days when I perform on stage.  We just finished staging Brigadoon in our university and I was part of the cast.  Though I did not have any lines I spent a lot of time on stage, dancing and singing.   I enjoyed every minute of my time on stage!  It felt absolutely wonderful!

I'm hopeful there'd be more happy days--more special days with my son, family and Ruel, more fun days with  my friends, and more fabulous time on stage!


  1. Having babies is scary. I was terrified when I had my oldest!
    Here is to many many more great days!

    1. It's really scary specially if you have a c-section!

  2. My fiance and I are still struggling with the choice of whether or not to have kids. I have really, really bad anxiety and the thought of having children terrifies me! Kudos to you for being able to go through that. Definitely takes a strong woman!

    1. Thanks Genna. There really is nothing more beautiful than holding your own baby in your arms! I hope you get to experience it someday.


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