Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Day Challenge - Day 10

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Some seven years ago we had a program in the school where I was teaching. The members of the grade school faculty all had to dance the Mexican Hat Dance.  We practised every day for like two and a half weeks and my knees were both aching from all the jumping and hopping I had to do.

While we were performing on stage, one of my co-teachers who was dancing with me, accidentally stepped on my skirt (which was long) when it was time for me to hop.  The next thing I knew , I was sitting on the floor and all I could see were these colorful skirts twirling right in front of my face!

I really do not know why I stumbled. Maybe it was because my knees were already weak.  Of course, I had to finish the dance so I got up and resumed dancing.

Falling on stage , in front of a lot of people is something I hope will never ever happen to me again!

I have another experience that is actually more embarrassing than this one but it was so embarrassing for me that  I try to block it off from my mind every time I remember it.  Somehow, I'm still in a state of denial  though it happened some twenty years ago!

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