Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

This is in response to the question I just heard on TV.  "Do you think the Philippines is really free?"

Here is what I think.

Today, the Philippines is free from colonizers.  However, Filipinos are now slaves of other things.

Filipinos are slaves of corruption.  It exists not only in government but shameful as it is, it also exists even in schools, in the workplace, and in all other aspects of society.  It has become a part of life and is practised by people from all walks of life.    Of course, there are still those who are honest and live their life with integrity but I am talking about the majority.

Filipinos are slaves of  poverty.  More and more people go to bed hungry.  Salaries stay the same while prices of commodities constantly go up.

Filipinos are slaves of ignorance.  More and more people cannot afford quality education.  There are a lot of children who cannot even afford to go to school.  Some of those who go to school do not get to stay in school.

Filipinos are slaves of indifference.  Many choose to just let things happen, rather than take active part in making them happen, or in preventing them from happening.

Filipinos are slaves of greed -- greed of other people as well as their own greed.

Worst of all, Filipinos are slaves of themselves.  They want the country to change, the government to change, but they forget that the change should start with themselves.  Many people complain about many things.  However, they do not do anything to change things.  They complain about garbage, but they litter everywhere.  They complain about corruption but all they do is point their finger at someone else.  They do not know how to make sacrifices. Even the sacrifice of standing in attention when the National Anthem is being played or sung, is difficult for them to do.

I know I have made my country and my people look bad in the light of the things I have just written.  However, I write with the hope that my countrymen will read this post and reflect on it.  It  is only when we see ourselves for what we are and for what we have become can we be able to change what it is that needs changing.

I love my country and I love my people.  I believe in the goodness and in the greatness that lie within us. I just hope that we work hand in hand to let that goodness and greatness shine so that we may one day reclaim the glory that was once ours.

Happy Independence Day fellow Pinoys!


  1. Great post! It shows that you REALLY love your country and people! I hope that the other's of your country read this!

    xoxo Shar

  2. Thanks for reading Shar. I hope for better days. That is why I became a teacher. :)


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