Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was a nice day for three reasons.

First, since it was a Friday, it gave me a chance to wear something I liked.  I always feel so ugly in my uniforms.  So anyway, since I felt so ugly the whole week, I decided to curl my hair yesterday so I could look a little pretty for a change.

Second, I finally satisfied my craving for yema.  A friend of mine gave me some with matching rubber ant!  It was so sweet, I almost cried....really!  My son always says that I have some sort of an abnormality in my tear glands.  :)

I know, it's not the pyramid-shaped yema I talked about and was so used to but still, it was yema and it was a sweet gesture so I was so happy!

Third, I went out on a movie-date with Ruel which I wrote about in another post.

I hope every Friday is as nice as yesterday!

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