Friday, June 29, 2012


Ruel and I watched The Amazing Spider-Man last night.  My son will watch it with his dad today so he didn't go with us.

Anyway, we watched it in 3D and popcorn and Coke came with the tickets.  I wasn't very happy with the 3D effects.  I thought it wouldn't have made any difference if we watched it in 2D.  If for anything, the 3D glasses just hurt the sides of my nose.  The popcorn also came in a tiny cup.  They didn't even sprinkle salt!   

Now, about the movie!

I must say I enjoyed it more than I did the last three superhero movies that I watched which were Green Lantern, Captain America and The Avengers.  I wouldn't want to spoil things for you by telling you information about the story.   So, I'll just focus on the things I noticed, instead.

First, Andrew Garfield played Peter Parker so differently from how Toby Maguire played it.  I don't know who played it better but this Spider-Man, I think, has a different personality.  I cannot say if I liked it or not because I am not a Spider-Man fan.  I'm a Superman fan. :)

Second, there was definitely a story here, not like The Avengers which was more action-packed than story-packed.  I would never recommend The Avengers for children younger than 13 because I got too affected by the violence of it all.  Spider-Man 3 had the same effect on me.  I didn't do much cringing from the violence this time.  Still, parents should be present to guide their kids because violence is still present in this movie.

Third, Ruel and I thought  Emma Stone, the girl who played Gwen Stacy was pretty but we thought she looked older than a high schooler which was the role she was playing.

Fourth, this is a total reboot of Spider-Man franchise and the story is totally different from the ones we have already seen.   I cannot say which story is better because I watched the first Toby Maguire movie a long time ago.  

Fifth, Stan Lee's bit performance in this movie was very amusing.  I think it's something everyone should look forward to.  I really enjoyed that part!  It's actually my favorite.  

So, would I recommend this movie? It's definitely a "yes".  The only thing I didn't like in this movie was why Peter Parker decided to let the bad guy (the one who eventually killed Ben Parker) go in the first place.  I  just thought there wasn't enough reason for him to do it and for me, he was the one at fault there.  Well, sorry, if I am not making sense here, but I cannot say more because I'd spoil everything for you.

Peter and Gwen's love story was pretty cute too.  Ruel thought there was much focus in the love story but I thought  it was just right.  Probably, they could have just lessened the kissing since a lot of children will be watching this.

I still cried when Ben Parker died.  I cried for Aunt May, and I cried for other reasons I cannot remember.  I'm just a cry, no, I don't think this will make you cry a river of tears.  Ruel said I was probably the only one who cries watching Spider-man movies.   Well, I think I enjoyed it more because I cried.  I like getting caught up in the emotions of the characters.  Getting caught up makes me like the movie more.

I don't really know how to end this post here, and I don't really know if my thoughts made sense to you. It's just a lot of babbling here.  :)  So I guess, I can say, go and get your tickets now and watch the web-slinging, Spider-man!


  1. Claire,
    In the comics, no matter what Uncle Ben dies.

    1. Haha! Yeah, still, I was hoping it would be a different story. Is it one of the things that can't be changed no matter what? Like with Superman, you can't take out the Kents, Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen.


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