Monday, June 11, 2012


A week ago,  I promised after I go to Intramuros for dinner, I would post some pictures.

My fiance and I went there on the 8th. I wanted so much to leave school early so we could be there while there was still enough light.  Unfortunately, I had  tons to do and tons of problems encountered in school that day.  I was only able to leave after 5:30 pm.  This was why I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I wanted.  There wasn't enough light anymore to take good ones.

Anyway, people reading my blog asked me what Intramuros was.  It's the oldest district in Manila and was the seat of government during the Spanish Colonial Period.  Intramuros, literally means within the walls.  It is called Walled City since the city is surrounded by walls.  During Spanish time it was located along Manila Bay and south of Pasig River.  This was before the 20th century land reclamations obscured the city from the bay.  It isn't surrounded by water anymore today.  Anyway, the thick walls were constructed by the Spaniards to protect the seat of government from invasions.

The walls of Intramuros are so thick that they are now being used as coffee shops, souvenir shops and the like.  There's even Starbucks inside the walls.
This is opening, though not one of the gates, lead outside the walls

This is the Manila Cathedral

I took this from afar so the tower of the church could be seen.

King Louis the IV at the Plaza in front of the Cathedral

This is the wide flight of stairs leading to the dining room of Barbara's.

Dancers dancing our national dance, the Tinikling.

Some streets are still lined with stones like these.  It actually makes it hard for one to walk.  It was tiring.

This picture is not mine, but from Wikimedia Commons.  I just took it because here you could see the ruins.

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