Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I spent almost the whole day out today.  First thing on my itinerary was Ateneo de Manila University.  I had to file a leave of absence as I couldn't take any of my MA units this year. 

Ruel and I went to Greenhills afterwards, as I wanted to mail something for a friend who lived in Scotland.  Unfortunately, the post office was closed.  We ended up shopping instead.  I bought a couple of shirts, and some cute items for my "good-behavior" store.  

I also bought a gift for my German friend, Maike.  Her birthday is coming up and I bought her these lovely placemats.  I don't know what kind of dining table she has but I hope it's glass because I think these would look great on a glass table. :) 

Here are other pretty things I saw while shopping.

These coasters would have been a great gift for Maike but I had already bought the placemats when I saw these.  Anyhow, I loved the placemats!

I read in one blog that e.l.f. was a nice make-up brand and I wanted to try it.  I bought a liquid lipstick with a pretty Pink Lemonade color.  I was so excited to open it when I got home.  I didn't read the instructions anymore.  I was supposed to twist it 10-12 times before first application.  I twisted it I think twenty or more times! Needless to say, I broke the applicator!  Oh well....

I really had a nice time today.   I even got a bar of Toblerone from Ruel.  So sweet!

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