Saturday, June 30, 2012

15 Fun Facts About Myself - 15 Day Challenge

It's really hard to think of things about myself that  I haven't yet divulged in this blog but I'll give it a try.

1.  I guess many of you already know this, I cry pretty easily.  I cry when I read a book, when I watch a movie, when I laugh too hard, when I am very angry, when I get a nice surprise, when I am happy. I actually like it when I cry, except when it's because I'm sad.

2. I love to laugh.  There isn't a day when I don't laugh.  I laugh with my whole heart.

3. I go crazy over sweet words!

4. When I am in the countryside I always gaze up at the sky at night.  I love starry skies!  Someday, I want to sleep outside under a blanket of stars.  Oh! Just thinking about it makes me smile!  I know it's going to be wonderful, specially when I have the one I love beside me!

5. I spent my whole teenage life to my early adulthood trying to gain weight.  When I first started in the corporate world, I was only 78lbs with a waistline of 23 inches. I have always been envious of girls who were rounder and curvier. When I 30 years old, I thought of a sure way to gain weight. I intentionally ate a lot of burgers and fries. My waistline is 26 and a half now and hasn't gone back to 23 ever since. Funny but I am trying to lose  weight at the moment.

6. I studied in an exclusive school for girls from elementary to college. I was already 22 years old when I
   learned how to converse with members of the opposite sex. Before then, I was always nervous.

7. My name is Marie Claire and I'm used to people calling me Claire.  But I love being called Joy, Clairol, Claring, Clairee, Clara, Clarita, Sai, Ciara and Cia by people close to me.

8. People say I am an old soul.   I love old songs like Three Coins in the Fountain, Portrait of My Love, Inamorata, etc. I love movies and books set before the 20th century. I love old things.

9. I love the feeling of falling in love!

10. I once dreamt I was flying with Superman (young Christopher Reeve). He was gorgeous and he smelled wonderful! Yep! I could smell him in my dream!

11. Had I been any prettier and taller, I would have tried to become an actress.

12. Heat makes me sleepy.

13. I hate the smell of milk. It makes me sick.  The only time I pushed myself to drink milk was when I was pregnant.  At the time, it took me an hour to finish a glass.

14.  I love posing in front of a camera....I always have, ever since I was a baby.

15. I've always loved being on stage.

                                       Here I am dancing a  Philippine folk dance.

                                                Practising for a perfomance....

                                                   On stage and loving it!

I guess, that's it.  I can't wait to read what the others have written!


  1. How come one of your nicknames is Joy? :)

    I can imagine the work you put through in posting the old pix! Reminds me of my old pictures in my mom's house. It was nice getting to know you more :)

  2. :) It took a long time for my parents to have a baby. They prayed a novena to the Blessed Mother and to St. Clare. When my mom finally got pregnant, my dad said he would name me Joy whatever my gender would be. When I was born and they saw they had a daughter, my mom named me Marie Claire after the Blessed Mother and St. Clare. But that's just the name I used in school. At home, I've always been Joy.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh my gosh, for the record, you're gorgeous and need to be neither prettier nor taller to be an actress. Just saying.

    I loooooove you hammin' up for the camera! I am totally the same way, so I can definitely appreciate that!

    Make sure you link-up on today's post too, so that others can read your facts!

  4. Thanks so much Sar. Though I would never describe myself as gorgeous. hahaha!

    Oh!So we have something in common! I'd love to see more of your pics!

  5. You are darling! Milk grosses me out, too. Like you, I was in the corporate world then changed careers and became a teacher! Glad I found your blog via the link up. Looking forward to reading the next 14 days.

  6. Wow! I've always thought all Americans were milk lovers. :) Comes from watching too much movies, I guess.

    So nice to meet you! Can't wait to read more of you!

  7. Aww, all the pictures from different ages of you are so cute! I love the camera too, and the stage.

  8. Thanks so much Rachel! Glad to know others who love the camera and the stage as much as I do!

    I love your profile pic! Was it done by a pro?


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