Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brigadoon Again!

There's really not that much to look forward to next month other than our Brigadoon practices which will start the week after next.

When I was a teenager, my dad used to take us to the theater to watch major productions of musical plays.  I have been lucky to watch Camelot, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Evita, and Miss Saigon.  I enjoyed watching all of them, and enjoyed everything that had to do with theater -- the seats, the break, the cocktails during break, the souvenir programs, and the dresses I wore.

I guess I owe my love for musical plays to my dad who exposed my sister and me to this kind of entertainment.
Les Miserables is and will always be my favorite musical although it was only my sister who was lucky to watch it in Broadway.

It is no wonder that I had dreamt of being in a musical play.  Last year, my chance came when our university decided to stage the musical Brigadoon.

The musical cast was composed of mostly college students, some grade school students, around three college professors, one grade school teacher (that's me!) and a college counselor.

No, I did not get a speaking part and neither did I get a solo singing part.  I guess you can say that a beautiful singing voice was just not one of those lovely things I have been endowed with. :)

I got to dance a little though.  But I wish I got to dance more.  I got to act a little too, but I wish I got to act more. :)  Oh well...maybe someday.

Our after-class practices became some sort of a respite for me after my usual stress-filled day in our department.  I know some of the cast considered our practices work but for me, they weren't.  They were  the best  form of relaxation for me at the time.

I have honestly missed the ones I worked with in the cast, most specially the college students with whom I spent majority of my off-stage time.

Remembering Brigadoon, I posted some of the photos taken backstage and on stage.

with my students

with college students

I'm so proud I don't look my age here!

I'm acting here!

and also here!

I don't really like my costume.  I think it made me look more like a Spanish girl rather than the Scottish girl that I was supposed to be. I didn't like the kilts the men wore either.  I can't put my finger on it, but I think there was something wrong with them.

So anyway, the university is staging Brigadoon again.  And I can't wait for practices to start!  

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