Friday, June 22, 2012


I was tickled to the bone last night.....I mean literally!  I have Ruel to thank for this.   No, he wasn't the one who did the tickling.  He was the one who paid for it.  

Ruel had been trying to convince me to try fish spa for like the longest time but I never really agreed to do it till last night.  For some reason, the more I imagined little fishes taking little bites off my skin, the more I imagined I'd end up with small pink holes in my feet!  I had always thought it was going to be a painful experience.

It was the exact opposite!  It was both relaxing and interesting.  I couldn't stop smiling and I tried so hard not to laugh.  The fish tickled me so! I kept saying, "Tickles, tickles, tickles!" to my son, who was then in no mood to try my little adventure.

Each customer had his own tank which was filled with around a hundred fish.  No, I didn't count.  We were just told by the staff when we asked.   Imagine these small hungry creatures  attacking your feet the moment you dip them into the water! They kept biting and biting, and biting for 30 minutes non-stop!  I didn't feel any pain though.  It was a totally fun experience for me.  I was almost sorry when it was over.

After that, I had another relaxing treat --foot massage, which was still part of the package Ruel paid for.

I was so happy with how my feet felt and looked afterwards.

For those who haven't tried fish spa, I suggest you try it.  Some would probably not believe that it could help you have beautiful feet but in my experience, my feet really feels smoother and they actually look nicer.

I plan to go there again next time, for a chocolate nourishing foot spa, and a facial therapy.  I can't wait!


  1. I read about this before but never tired very interesting!

    btw thanks for joining my blog hop. Please don`t forget to make a post about it thanks :)

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  2. Hi Mimika! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment.

    I've just been to your site to check out your blog hop as I do not remember joining anything recently. I didn't find my name on your beauty blog hop list. Do you have any other blog hop that I might have joined and forgotten? Sorry, I am very forgetful sometimes. Must be the epidural.


  3. Wow, that looks both creepy and cool at the same time. I don't think I have ever heard of this treatment in the USA. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  4. Hi Gina, yes, it seemed creepy the first time I heard of it. But when you get to try it, it's really a nice experience. I hope you get to try it someday.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Had a sample of this but I just couldn't stand the feeling of fish attacking me.:) But it's highly recommended for removing dead skin cells, they say.


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