Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tiny Feet!

I've always had a love-hate relationship with my feet.

I've always thought they were pretty, and when I was younger, they always looked good in sandals. There was even one weird guy I met who kept talking about  them!

As much as I love them for the way they look, for taking me to all those beautiful and interesting places I have been to, for dancing whenever I feel like it, there are times when I hate them for being so tiny....well, I think hate is a strong word and I don't hate hate them, I just wish they were bigger. But just for the sake of writing I will use the word hate.

So, I have tiny feet. I always have a hard time buying shoes! I can spend all weekend mall-hopping and never find a pair that would fit. I always end up settling for something that's half a size bigger, or sometimes one size bigger! And that's not all, I end up settling for a style and brand that I don't really like. I just buy because that's the closest they have to my size!

I hate corks! Now, I'm not using "hate" just for the sake of writing. I really hate them because after some time of walking, they wouldn't be in place anymore and you'd have to fix them again. No matter how much I hate them though, I always end up using them.

Unlike other girls who love shopping for shoes, this is definitely one of the things I dread. Shopping for shoes is a chore for me, a chore that I would never ever think of doing until such time that I really need to do it, and that's when I don't have anything to wear anymore.

Sometimes I am so jealous of those ladies who have more than ten pairs of shoes because it's so hard for me to even own one! My sister has more at least 30 pairs, I think. Our feet have the same length but her feet are bigger because she's flat footed. I also don't understand these shoe manufacturers for not making shoes in smaller sizes. Surely, I am not the only one who has tiny feet! I understand there aren't many of us out there but I think they could spare maybe three or four pairs in our size per style! The only small size that I see nowadays are those with high heels (4-6 inches) which I am very uncomfortable in. For some reason, I can only wear shoes with 2-inches heels. Anything more than that is scary for me!  Besides, I will never wear something uncomfortable just for the sake of looking taller!

The only shoes that are close to my size are all flats. I don't like walking around in flats because I seem to walk funny in them and standing in them feels funny too. But what's a girl like me to do? Certainly, I can't go to school barefooted! I take whatever is available. With the help of corks they would fit me just fine. So here I am, settling for flats again, settling for a certain brand, and settling for a certain style.

I really hope those shoe manufacturers read this post and realize that people like me do exist! I want this love-hate relationship I have with my feet to end. I just want to love, love and love them!

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