Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Angel! Sorry it's late.....

I'm not really good at remembering birthdays.  Sometimes I do remember the dates but when the day itself comes, that's when I forget!

One of the friends I have in school just had her birthday last Monday and I totally forgot that it was her birthday.  I am so ashamed to admit that I haven't greeted her yet! I only remembered today!
I feel so bad, actually.

So trying to make it up to her, I gathered my beads and made her a cellphone charm.  I had a small angel charm that looked like this:

Please excuse my dirty hands.  I had just finished working when I took the pics.

The back of the angel had "made for an angel" inscribed on it.

My friend's name is Angel so I thought that the charm fit her perfectly.  Unfortunately, the charm was tiny and I didn't have it in a bigger size.  Because of this, I felt I had  to use my tiny beads for the added accessories.

I used metal beads, and Chinese crystals in red and two shades of green.

I added the green ribbon to make my gift look more festive as I wasn't planning to wrap it anymore.  I also added a tag that said, "Sorry, it's late" because I am really extremely sorry.

Here is  a picture of Angel and me.  She's the one you see on the left....really pretty girl who looks like an angel!

So to you, Angel, if you're reading this post, happy birthday!  I hope this year will turn out exactly as you want it!  Cheers to you and to our friendship!

I really hope she likes my gift.  It's not really much but it comes from my heart!

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